Spring Murder Mystery Play Has Been Cast!

Actors auditioning for the spring play

Al Weigel

Greetings SaddleBrooke residents and friends! As you are the ones who inspire us, we in Community Circle Players couldn’t be more excited to let you know that by the time you read this, auditions for our spring production of The House of Agatha Mystrie will have been held. The 10-person cast was selected, comprised of five male and five female actors. More details to come on which SaddleBrooke residents will entertain you as you enjoy your mouthwatering dinner.

What does it take to bring you a successful theatrical production besides believable actors? A multi-talented and dedicated support team who tirelessly give of themselves. Who are they?

Susan Sterling: Director

Jim Ward: Assistant Director

Dana Goldsmith: Stage Manager

Patty Gregory-Burke: Assistant Stage Manager

Susan Schweitzer: Costumes

Denis Greenland and Jim Burke: Sound Technicians

Alex Infald: Lighting Expert

Ellen Buckley and Linda Martin: Prop Coordinators

This highly entertaining dinner theater murder mystery production will be held in the MountainView Ballroom on March 25, 26, 27, (28 dark), 29, 30, and 31. This will be the first time we will be using brand new “over-the-ear” mics and “lapel” mics, which will significantly enrich our audiences’ overall experience. An important reminder is that tickets will go on sale Feb. 6 for $59, inclusive, with a no-host bar.

For questions or for more information, contact Shawne Cryderman at [email protected] or Susan Sterling at [email protected].