Spotlight on Advertiser: It’s time to meet the new kid on the block


Did you notice there’s a “new kid” in your neighborhood? It’s a locally owned hearing care center that’s actually been around since 1989 but recently found a home in northwest Tucson. You’ll find Lifestyle Hearing Solutions at Ina and Oracle beside Bank of the West on the northwest corner. You’ll also find a welcoming staff that has your best hearing care at heart.

Most important, hearing professional Kerry Hamm isn’t fresh behind the ears, that’s for sure. He’s been in the hearing industry since 1996. Years ago, while a rep for a hearing aid manufacturer, he was invited to work for one of Tucson’s leading audiology centers. Then in 2009, he co-founded Desert Vista Hearing and helped Tucsonans improve their hearing for nine years. Early in 2018, the decision was made to merge Desert Vista with Lifestyle Hearing Solutions.

Leaving the manufacturing side behind suited Kerry well. He loved interacting directly with people wearing the hearing aids he’d once made. As he said, “I thoroughly enjoy watching the faces of people who’ve struggled with poor hearing and can suddenly benefit from the wide range of options available today. Our bluetooth accessories are especially making a huge difference in expanding their ability to hear.” Kerry’s enthusiasm has rubbed off on Travis Reed, the center’s patient care coordinator, who is also studying to earn his license as a hearing aid dispenser.

One couple Kerry works with loves going to restaurants, but they experience frustration because of the husband’s profound hearing loss. Kerry fitted him with a bluetooth “streamer” remotely attached to his hearing aids. This streamer connects wirelessly with a microphone that his wife wears around her neck. “Their excitement at finally being able to hear each other in a noisy place is contagious!” Kerry said.

SaddleBrooke residents Ken and Glenna have also worked with Kerry for a long time. Among other services, Kerry has set Ken up with accessories to his TV that add sounds he could barely hear before. He’s proud to say, “Ken and Glenna are so happy, they have referred their dear friends to Lifestyle.”

It’s time to get acquainted with this professional team so you can enjoy happy times with all the “kids” in your life.

In addition to its Ina and Oracle location, Lifestyle Hearing Solutions has a center at 6425 E. Broadway, just east of Broadway and Wilmot on the north side.