Spotlight on Advertiser: Home is where the “art” is!


As Dorothy famously recited, “There’s no place like home.” Our dwellings constitute the place we feel most safe and secure. How we adorn our domiciles reflects our personality, supports fond memories of our lives and families and helps make our homes warm and welcoming to friends and neighbors. Each of us is unique in our outlook on life and our tastes in objects we use to decorate our homes. Being that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Absolutely Art Gallery & Gifts has a treasure trove of creative original artworks by local artists and artisans that are sure to beautify any space in your home, large or small, indoor or out.

One of the great misconceptions about collecting original art is that it has to be super expensive to be collectable. The truth is, when choosing original fine art for your home, that the piece should be appealing to your sensibilities and appreciations. Most artists will never be as famous as Picasso or Thomas Kinkaid. But many are just as talented and produce the same high-quality work. Purchase your fine art for how it makes you feel, not whether the artist may or may not be famous enough one day to make you rich because you have one of their pieces.

Local artists that market their works could be your neighbors, friends or relatives. Supporting the local artists in your community strengthens the region and helps keep dollars local. A strong, flourishing local art scene is actually an economic benefit for communities that have one. Plus, it is just plain fun to go and check out all the cool, creative art in your local area. When you do you will more than likely find that you can get some really great original art on just about any budget. Being able to tell the story of how you sought out and found each piece in your collection makes for a great conversation starter when you are entertaining.

Most local art galleries can give you information on the artists they represent. Knowing something about who created it and why an artwork was produced, will help you as a collector find pieces that appeal to your soul and emotions. Art can touch your heart. Displaying it in your home re-creates the vibe that the piece first moved in you every time you see it. This is the true beauty of art. If you search your memory bank it is a safe bet that somewhere will be a memory of a piece of art from your past that resonated with you, for whatever reason.

So, continue to make yours a “home where the art is!” Visit Absolutely Art Gallery & Gifts at 16701 N. Oracle Road #145 in Catalina, AZ (just south of Camp Bow Wow) or go to 520-818-1242.