Spotlight On Advertiser: Don’t Neglect Your Hearing Health—It Boosts Your Happiness!

A common problem for seniors as they age is singling out conversation at social gatherings, in restaurants, and even in front of the TV. Neuroscientists tell us this is not only a hearing issue, but also a brain issue. Our brains struggle to filter out background noise, making it difficult to understand what people are saying.

“Our ability to hear in noisy conditions depends on how well our brain rhythms synchronize with the rhythms of the sound we’re trying to listen to,” says Molly Henry, a neuroscience researcher at University of Western Ontario. Her research found that “younger” ears had an easier time focusing on sound than “older” ears. That explains why we struggle to hear as we get older.

Living well is about more than hearing well. It’s about staying happy.

Bridget Shield, from London’s Brunel University, authored a comprehensive study on the impact of hearing loss on people’s lives. It made the case for how hearing aids keep us happy.

Adults with hearing loss find themselves asking people to repeat what they say, yet still can’t understand them! Sound familiar? When this happens, it sets up a barrier to clear communication and even brings up feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Wearing hearing aids can help us stay socially engaged and connected with loved ones—the activities that keep us happy. Even though they’re tiny, hearing aids using the latest technology can make a huge difference in enjoying our lives.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids amplify the sounds around us, sending them to the inner ear to be heard using our existing hearing capability. They help us understand what people are saying as well as filter out background sounds in noisy places. That expands where we can go. By increasing our sense of independence, they boost our happiness!

If you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss but have not addressed it, today would be a great day to set up a hearing test. By staying vigilant about your hearing health, you can enjoy a high quality of life for years to come.

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