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Josh Brett, owner of Brett Interiors

Josh Brett, owner of Brett Interiors

Josh Brett

It is important to know how leather changes. As it is a skin, it will stretch under pressure and reform. To a certain extent leather will actually change shape to fit your body.

As you settle into your new leather furniture, comfort wrinkles will soon begin to appear. This is a natural part of the leather maturing process. Comfort wrinkles are caused by several things. They are considered normal in upholstered furniture that is designed to have soft seating and back support. The type of covering and filling plays a significant role in affecting comfort wrinkles.

The standard foam seat cushion is generally constructed with an inner core of high density, high resiliency premium urethane foam between thick layers of resilient polyester fiber. Loose back pillows are filled with 100% polyester fiber. This is the same material used to fill high quality bed pillows. Like bed pillows, furniture cushions must be hand fluffed and turned occasionally to maintain a soft, well-filled appearance.

The soft and comfortable cushions and pillows used with better quality furniture will provide years of lasting service if properly maintained. Leathers that allow for flexibility combined with filling materials that compress softly, yield the best comfort benefits. These same features also create comfort wrinkles in cushions and pillows that are characteristic of the construction and should not be considered a defect.

All leather will stretch and form comfort creases as a result of being sat on. The effect is called puddling. Puddling occurs from the initial use period and generally does not continue beyond this, as the amount of stretch is directly related to the amount of compression. Factors that contribute to the amount of puddling are the size of the leather panel (large panels versus smaller segmented panels), the density of the foam, type of suspension (webbing/no sag springs) and the amount of weight placed on the seat. Puddling is not a fault with the leather, rather, it is a good indication of quality manufacturing as large pieces of leather are used.

In addition to exceptional leather furniture at friendly prices, at Brett Interiors Leather Gallery, we offer the finest repair and restoration of leather furniture as well as fabric reupholster services. Or, you can do it yourself with our three-part leather care kit including cleaner, conditioner, and protectant.

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