Spotlight On Advertiser: Bon Voyage Travel – why visit South Africa?

Catherine Skaggs

In South Africa, in the natural home of hippos and rhinos, zebras and cheetahs, wildebeest and leopards, buffalos and antelopes, you are a welcome and cherished visitor. You hold your breath as a trumpeting sound pierces the air, then you feel the ground vibrating as a herd of elephants approaches. Stately giraffes stride across the plain or reach up to graze on the leafy umbrella of an acacia. Watch a lioness lazing in the shade with her cubs or a gathering of marvelous creatures at a watering hole.

Safari is a life-changing experience and South Africa is safari, that you can experience through travel companies such as Global Basecamps as well as others. More remarkably, every safari destination is unique. From the golden sandstone cliffs of Golden Gate Highlands to the waterfalls of Royal Natal to the volcanic craterlands of Pilanesberg to the snow-dusted ridges of Mountain Zebra National Park, there is no end to the rich variety in the landscape—and the resident wildlife. You could easily spend an entire vacation—or two, or three—just exploring the five million acres of Kruger National Park.

But South Africa has even more to offer: dynamic cities filled with friendly people, delectable food and wine, and vibrant culture. In the urban hub of Cape Town you’ll find world-class accommodations, cool jazz, street musicians, fantastic shopping, museums, theatres, important historic sites, and nearby vineyards. Perched on a lush peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic, with its dramatic Table Mountain backdrop and inspiring ocean views, Cape Town is indisputably one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Tour the great ocean road to experience the thrill of South Africa’s pristine beaches, world-renowned surf, great fishing, whale-watching, deep river valleys and sheltered lagoons. For whale watching closer to home, make sure to set time aside for san diego whale watching and witness some unique sights. Make sure to take your camera for the whale breach! Visit the cradle of humankind to explore ancient archaeology or see the landscape of the new democracy, where the exuberant language of freedom is expressed in music, dance and art.

Play golf on manicured greens or plunge into the blue to see great white sharks. Sail the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Photograph the Giant King Protea, one of South Africa’s 450 protea and 24,000 plant species. See and hear more birds than you ever imagined.

Sample award-winning wines at exquisite vineyards nestled among green rolling hills. Stroll beneath the lavender shade of Pretoria’s jacarandas. People-watch in the spacious courtyards of the vibrant new financial center at Sandton. Reawaken your passion for living.

There’s just so much to experience in South Africa. Whatever you’ve imagined, it’s so much more. South Africa: it’s all possible.