Spotlight On Advertiser: Are You Sick of Being Cooped Up in Your House?

Sarah at Titan Power Sports and Rentals

Governor Ducey created a list of essential businesses, naming outdoor recreation on the list. We have all heard that nature’s cure is fresh air and sunshine!

The topic of many people’s conversations surrounds where they can safely go. Many locals and current tourists do not know what is still open and what is a safe activity.

We at Titan Power Sports and Rentals have really slowed down. We want you to know that we are committed to being open! We have always cleaned the store every day and now I am even doing more cleaning! We always wash and sanitize all machines and equipment after every rental. We never have large crowds.

We can no longer offer bottled water and toilet paper with every rental. People are understanding of this change as we simply cannot get the products. We are working on getting a RO system installed for drinking water so people can at least fill up their own bottles. We have even talked about getting a bidet for our public bathroom along with cleaners, so people can comfortably use the restroom and stay clean and healthy.

With our ongoing efforts to help everyone enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, I have started a non-profit called Stay Clean and Healthy. With the lack of available cleaners, hand sanitizers and so forth, people are nervous. We have partnered up with the company that manufactures the cleaning products that we use on our machines. The top ingredient to these cleaners has been said by the CDC and other federally organizations to kill the virus: alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.

We not only clean our store and equipment with this product, we will soon be offering this to the public at an affordable price. The website is The newest challenge is getting bottles! I have ordered a large amount of two ounce bottles, so we can give away hand sanitizer. I also ordered other sizes, but now I’m hearing the order is on backorder until the middle of May. We should be getting our shipment of cleaners and sanitizer this week or early next week. If you have your own bottles we will fill them for you! We want everyone to know we care and we are trying to provide everyone with sanitizing products at an affordable price along with nature’s cure: fresh air and sunshine!

Be well, everyone! Stay clean and healthy!