Spotlight on Advertiser – October 2014

DeWitt Designs

Sarah and Jim DeWitt

Sarah and Jim DeWitt

DeWitt Designs, located in the heart of the up and coming downtown on 6th Street and 6th Avenue, is a Design Studio and high end furnishing showroom. The 20,000 square foot showroom is a resurrected 1929 Spanish Revival adobe brick building: a former Chevrolet dealership.

DeWitt Designs is owned by a down to earth and very personable couple, Sarah and Jim DeWitt, natives to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sarah, our lead designer, discovered her passion for design at a very young age with her first design project being her bedroom at the age of 15; peacock and emerald Asian inspired. After many years spent working in her father’s furniture store, combined with her desire to design, Sarah opened her own design studio which began in her garage and sunporch.

With the support of her husband Jim as the showroom manager and his love for serving people, DeWitt Designs was born. The flagship showroom is located in a restored 1895 brick warehouse in downtown Sioux Falls where it has grown into the luxury warehouse that it is today.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to multiple projects across the USA and the opening of the Tucson showroom. Since she spent many years attending arts and music camps at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, an area celebrated by Georgia O’Keefe, she fell in love with the Southwest. Naturally, she chose to build her second showroom and studio in our colorful desert town. Both showrooms combine their historical, rustic ambiance with unique vignettes for ideas and inspiration, displaying European imports, original art, hand-tied rugs and other fine accessories from around the world.

DeWitt Designs, along with their distinctive home collections, is centered around the Interior Design talent of Sarah DeWitt. Sarah and her team offer complete Interior Design Services, both residential and commercial. Both showrooms hold an extensive Design Studio, each with a seemingly endless resource library. There is no shortage of inspiration or options for any design project or style. Sarah finds inspiration from both luxury and rustic décor and loves the opportunity to share her inspiration with her clients. Her ultimate love is to see the joy of a client after she has helped to make their dream home come to fruition.

“You can have a picture perfect room, but if no one else feels they want to sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk, it’s not a successful design. In contrast, I design spaces people want to live in,” says Sarah.

The rustic atmosphere combined with luxury furnishings and décor is a one of a kind gem in Tucson. Whether you are ready to buy or just browsing, you will be warmly welcomed by Sarah and Jim’s knowledgeable staff and made to feel right at home in an unexpected downtown retreat.