Spotlight on Advertiser: Bon Voyage Travel – South Africa

Where adventure meets sophistication. Is it possible there’s a place where you can feel spoiled in the unspoiled? In South Africa you will truly feel alive. You will find that your senses are more acute. Colors are richer. Sounds are more varied. Your days and nights are filled with incomparable experiences.

In South Africa Susan Entringer experienced the natural home of elephants and rhinos, zebras and giraffes, wildebeest and leopards, buffalos, lions and more. From feeling the ground vibrating as a herd of elephants approached and watching stately giraffes stride across the plain she found that a safari is a life-changing experience. More remarkably, every safari destination is unique and this was Susan’s third visit to Africa.

Her 12-day journey took her from the urban hub of Cape Town to Kruger National Park and then up to embrace the amazing beauty of Victoria Falls. Learning about the history of Stanley Livingston’s discovery and exploration from over 100 years ago was a highlight of the educational aspects that Tauck includes in their exclusive itineraries. Timing a visit to Victoria Falls while there is a full moon is quite a sight that shouldn’t be missed.

Susan especially enjoyed visiting Robben Island (off Cape Town) where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Other highlights that you’ll find with a Tauck Tour include a private wine pairings dinner at a vineyard, a visit to Boulders Beach, home of the African Cape Penguins and the amazing Cape Point where Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

If you are planning a trip to Africa, pack casual with light weight clothes and prepare to spend most days outside, regardless of weather. All dining at safari lodges takes place outside. You’ll need to be prepared to walk quite a bit to enjoy all that Africa offers. Contact Bon Voyage Travel Advisor Susan Entringer at 428-7735 for more information on the perfect vacation to South Africa.