Spanish Culture Club kicks off new season

Linda Miles

The Spanish Culture Club is off to a great start this season. After a summer hiatus, our first official meeting of the season was held on October 15. Sharon Cotter, SaddleBrooke resident, was our featured speaker on the History, Culture and People of High Country Peru. Sharon shared her photos and stories of her trip this summer, taking us with her to the desert, mountains and jungles. Sharon’s expertise in photography was evident. Members were fascinated by Sharon’s talk and photos which addressed the harsh Andean climate, agriculture, unique animals to the high country and the ancient arts. She included amazing facts about the Peruvian high country that were new to many of us. The degree of detail and Sharon’s enthusiasm for her subject were especially appreciated. “Muchas gracias” to Sharon for a fun and informative presentation that was enjoyed by all.

Our November meeting was held on Monday, November 12. We were delighted to have Alex Martinez, weaver extraordinaire, join us to discuss his family’s multi-generational weaving traditions and share examples of his beautiful creations. Alex is from Oaxaca and his family’s weavings reflect their Zapotec heritage as well as more contemporary designs. Their family is involved in all steps of the weaving process, from sheep shearing to processing and dying the wool (many of the dyes are natural colors) to the actual weaving. Alex has been to SaddleBrooke a number of times and we are always thrilled to have him return. Many of us have his weavings on our walls, floors and tables and we always look forward to seeing his latest creations.

All of our meetings include a potluck supper and this club has some really good cooks!

The club board and program committee are busy reviewing suggestions for programs and events for the coming year.

The Spanish Culture Club focuses on cultural aspects, rather than only the Spanish language. There are opportunities to improve one’s Spanish at monthly luncheons and through Spanish classes, but our meetings are conducted in English. If you are interested in membership information or would like to attend an event on a trial basis, please contact our Membership Chair, Susan Durschlag at [email protected].