SPA Holds Final 2021 Membership Meeting and Officers Elected

Left to right: Shawne Cryderman, Ashvin Patel, and Fred Kenney (Photo by Sandy Lindquist)

Raymond H. Goettsch

On Dec. 15, 2021, the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) held its year-end membership meeting in the DesertView Performing Arts Center theater. Retiring President Pete Giljohann reviewed the year’s significant developments for SPA, including the preparation for the construction of eight new pickleball courts and the designation of SPA as an amenity by the SaddleBrooke TWO Homeowners Association. Mr. Giljohann also introduced the four newly elected SPA board members, who will assume their responsibilities in the new year: Sue Diericks, Lou Doganieri, Hew Montgomery, and Jim Schlote. In addition, two members, Ashvin Patel and Fred Kenney, were recognized by Shawne Cryderman, SPA fundraising co-chair, for their generous donations for the construction of the new courts.

At the January SPA board meeting, officers were elected: President Barbara Palmeri, Vice President Jeffrey Grant, Secretary Ms. Diericks, Treasurer Mr. Schlote, and Assistant Treasurer Mr. Dogonieri.