Sonoran Searchers Questers discovers creative vein

Yvonne Jennings

Do you have a creative vein? The answer is yes, we all do. That’s right, we all do and recently the Sonoran Searchers Questers ladies group from SaddleBrooke found that out. How, you ask? Let me explain. As a new member to this group, I found out that these ladies do an annual February field trip so I was excited to see where we would be going. Well, this field trip needed a volunteer(s), so up went my hand along with a fellow Quester and the search was on to have these ladies venture where no Quester had gone before! Little did we know that none of these ladies had ever gone to a certain historic, homegrown Tucson establishment.

On the corner of 6th Avenue and 6th Street; to be precise, 440 North 6th Avenue, there is a building that has a showroom unique unto itself. It is called Santa Theresa Tile Works and you would be amazed! Our Quester group was amazed not only by the selection of beautiful tile pieces to choose from but also discovering their creative vein. To start with, each of the ladies pre-selected the size of the metal frame they desired. Then the staff showed us some ideas to consider when using the tile pieces to put into our frame. What we discovered was we wanted to use all of the tiles we liked, but one was limited due to the size of metal frame selected. Speaking of frames, the sizes range from 4×4 inches up to 16×16 inches and, yes, they do custom orders.

By the end of our three hour workshop, every lady came away with a finished piece to take home and we all definitely want to do it again. What fun we had and how wonderful each of our finished pieces was. We did amaze ourselves and so can you! Go check out Santa Theresa Tile Works and see for yourself their colorful, handmade mosaic tiles that will inspire that creative vein in you!