Sonoran Searchers Quester’s Chapter meeting recaps

Mary Ann White

December 9, 2015, Sonoran Searchers Quester’s Chapter was treated to a wonderful Christmas party at Chris Shepard’s home with Pat Tygielski’s wonderful holiday treats. Chris presented a very informative program on Porcelain Pastille Burners. Some of us had never heard of Pastille Burners.

Used widely in 19th Century cottages and public places, the herbs, coal or spices burned in the Pastilles helped cover the unpleasant odors of those times. This provided a perfumed air masking odors caused by poor or no sanitation of the day. Hemlock and opium were also used in the burners.

Chris started this collection many years ago and the Pastille Burners are not easily found now. Spode, Josiah, Wedgewood and Dresden were known to produce the burners. Elizabeth I used them extensively.

There were eighteen members attending the meeting including the three new chapter members. Anyone interested in attending a meeting or special field trip in the future, please contact Mary Ann White at 818-1152. Guests are welcome.