Softball Crowns summer champs

Carol Chiarello

The men and women of SaddleBrooke Senior Softball made it through another summer season. Monsoon rains messed up our schedule a few times and many of our usual players are gone during summer but overall, players on fourteen teams in seven leagues managed to keep cool and have a good time. Here are the accomplishments:

Vantage West Credit Union Monday Recreation League

This went down to the last game of the season. Pat Brennan led the players for DS Builders & Remodeling to 5 wins and 4 losses to clinch first place. Second place went to Window Wizard with Jack Graef managing to a finish of 4 wins, 5 losses.

Coyote Golf Cars Monday Community League

Caliber Collision, with Harold Weinberger at the helm, finished in first place with 6 wins and 3 losses. Debbie Seguin was in charge of the Vital Moves team that achieved second place with 3 wins and 6 losses.

Patrick Shaffer Dentistry Tuesday Competitive League

Central Alarm with Bob Chiarello as skipper was on top with 6 wins and 3 losses. Rich Adams managed the Via Elegante players to a 3 wins and 6 losses second place finish. An interesting note is that the winners scored 186 total runs in the season; the second place team scored 185 runs.

Home Team Pest Defense Tuesday Community League

One game separated these teams. Humana finished in first place with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses; Greg West was in charge. Second place went to Bank of the West, Jim Dunlap as manager, with 4 wins and 5 losses.

Vantage West Credit Union Thursday Coyote League

Rich Hagerty headed up the first place It’s Greek To Me team, who finished the season with 7 wins and 4 losses. SaddleBrooke R Us finished second with 4 wins, 7 losses; Mike Hamm was manager.

Home Team Pest Defense Friday Competitive League

Stu Kraft was the leader of Johnston’s Pest Solutions players who finished on top with an impressive 7 wins, only 2 losses. Joe Passoni’s team, Crystal Tech Vivopools, had a character building season where they won only 2 games and lost 7 games. Thirty runs separated these teams.

Patrick Shaffer Dentistry Friday Community League

In an impressive effort, BRAKEmax, led by Debbie Seguin, finished as champs with 8 wins and 2 losses. Second place went to Jim Click Hyundai-Mazda with Buzz Schmitt as skipper, ending up with 2 wins and 8 losses. Debbie’s team scored over 120 runs in the season; the other team suffered from quiet bats, scoring 68 runs for the season.

Softball games are played year round on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesday is our practice day. If you have questions about softball please contact Ed Cussick at 818-0194. Check out our website at