SilverBelles welcome spring

SilverBelles welcome spring and two new dancers.

The SaddleBrooke SilverBelles are excited to welcome two new dancers to our group, Michele Gildner and Tami Peterson.

Michele Gildner and her husband Gary are parents of four, two girls and two boys, and moved here three years ago from Idaho. Her dance career started at five years old when a gift from her grandmother, the album Meet the Beatles encouraged her to learn the twist and interest grew from there with ballet classes for many years. Although decades away from those early dance lessons, her spot-on imitation of Mick Jagger singing Shattered (complete with platform shoes) wowed law school friends.

She is thrilled to be back dancing here in SaddleBrooke and we are equally thrilled to welcome her into the group.

After raising two children in northwest Wisconsin, Tami and her husband, Mark, moved to SaddleBrooke in 2016. Her love of dance was instilled early on with childhood dance parties in the den, hanging out with rock and roll bands in the family bar and Thursday Polka nights with the Chimelewski brothers.

In addition to traveling and playing tennis, she now adds SilverBelles to her busy schedule and we are excited to welcome her into the SilverBelle family.

Should you see either of these ladies around the “hood,” congratulations are certainly in order. To see Michele and Tami and the rest of the Belles perform, contact Caryl Mobley at 630-698-2232 or email her at [email protected] and book us for your event. And check us out on our website,