SilverBelles at the Republican Breakfast for the Candidates

Left to right: Ann Kurtz, Loretta Tom, Shaun Herndon, Laurie Page, Claudia Booth

Loretta Tom

What a great start for the 4th of July weekend. The SilverBelles performed two feisty, hand-clapping, patriotic dances to kick off the Candidates Breakfast event at the MountainView Ballroom with 300 participants. The dancers started off with “Yankee Doodle” and ended with “Grand Old Flag.” Sam Page, our Silver Beau, then led everyone in singing “God Bless America.” With their red and blue glittering and shimmering costumes and the red, white, and blue patriotic hats with lights flashing to celebrate the upcoming July 4th holiday, they all felt the love for our country and fellow men, friends, and neighbors who were present.

Hats off to this glorious celebration of our great country!