Share Your Stimulus Money

Jerry Fay

In just a few short weeks, so many people around us have lost work. In response, Congress passed S.3548 CARES Act that will provide many Americans with a check from the federal government. That’s great, but a lot of us don’t need that money and the check is a windfall. For too many others, it will scarcely get them through a month. To those of us who don’t need the check, now is our time to step forward.

Give it to an individual in need, a family in need, or to a charity that supports individuals and families in need. Giving up our checks is not only an act of generosity, it’s an act of social responsibility. We can help ease the stress and losses of so many of our fellow Americans by simply sharing something we do not need. Encourage your friends and neighbors. Spread the word using #ShareYourWindfall. Please join me in embracing the American tradition of helping others. Together we can make a difference.