Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors


Senior Village makes life easier

Stephanie Thomas

From Greece to San Francisco, New York to Seattle, Carol and Demetre Venetiou traveled and worked around the world, finally landing in SaddleBrooke. Supportive members of Senior Village, they shared their Village experiences in a recent interview about what brought them to SaddleBrooke, why they joined the Village and how the Village has made a difference in their lives. As Demetre said, “Senior Village makes life easier. You can get help when you need it.” Carol agreed and added, “You know who to call.”

While on vacation as a young woman in Greece, Carol became friends with Demetre who invited her to dinner with his family in Pireaus. A courtship followed, and they married in 1969. Since then, they have pursued careers from west coast to east coast. For twenty-seven years, Carol represented the State of Washington as a commercial tax appraiser, and Demetre oversaw vessel operations for Greek shipping companies.

When it was time to retire, they spent two years looking for a suitable location…Palm Springs, the coast of Oregon and other locations. Their son wanted them to move to Boston, but, as Carol noted, “The weather in SaddleBrooke was a very attractive consideration.” In 2011, they purchased their home here and joined Senior Village in 2016, the first year the Village was in operation.

Originally, Carol and Demetre became members of Senior Village to support its mission of neighbors helping neighbors. Later, Carol phoned the Village when she temporarily needed transportation for medical appointments. She explained, “The doctor’s office was way off, and I didn’t know how to get there. My Village driver was fantastic. She waited for me during my appointment and even stopped off at the pharmacy for me on the way home.” Demetre agrees about the volunteer drivers and added, “They are very friendly and respond immediately. Every single person who has come has been helpful and effective.”

On other occasions, Carol turned to the Village for help with light bulbs in the high ceiling, running water in the toilet and a computer issue. Carol’s appreciation for the Village is clear when she says, “We were amazed at all the things the Village does.”

Demetre was one of the first Village members, along with Roy Robson, to join the putters group that was started by volunteers David Loendorf and Chuck Sanden. They enjoyed putters so much that they began playing bocce together. Both putters and bocce are now regularly scheduled Village activities. Most recently, Demetre has attended bingo and is interested in the new Village book club.

When asked about activities sponsored by Senior Village, Demetre enthusiastically comments, “I really like the people. When we meet, we have a good time.” Both Carol and Demetre encourage SaddleBrooke residents to join the Village. In Demetre’s words, “One day you will need them, and they will be there for you.”

For membership in the Village, call 520-314-1042. For more information, to donate or become a volunteer, visit