Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Piano Recital at SaddleBrooke One

Phyllis Ketring, Senior Village Publications Coordinator

Senior Village is hosting an afternoon piano recital, complete with refreshments, for the SaddleBrooke community on Monday, Aug. 15, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

One of the Senior Village volunteers has offered to share her musical talent for this event. Come and enjoy the music, the cookies, and the company of your friends and neighbors.

This free musical event will be at the piano in the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse and will be the first of a monthly series hosted by Senior Village on the third Monday of each month from 1:30 until 3 p.m.

Getting By with a Little Help from Your Friends: The Senior Village Support Team

Liz Levaro

Providing aid and support to Senior Village members is what Senior Village is all about. You’ve probably heard of some of the most widely known services provided by the village’s spirit of neighbor-to-neighbor volunteer teams: Going My Way volunteers drive you to appointments or shopping. Helping Hands perform simple tasks around the house or yard. Friendly Contact volunteers make home visits or social phone calls with members, and Fun with Friends coordinate birthday lunches and game activities.

Other teams install lockboxes, help with home automation, provide information about downsizing and transitioning to a new residence, and assist members in organizing their personal and legal paperwork.

But did you know there’s another Senior Village team whose mission is to offer special guidance and support to assist injured, incapacitated, or fragile Senior Village members who are experiencing those “curve balls” that life in later adulthood may pitch our way? Support Team advocates include former medical, counseling, and social work professionals.

Changes in personal circumstances can progress gradually or occur in what feels like the twinkling of an eye. An accident, injury, or acute or advancing chronic illness can make the simplest activities of daily living challenging or impossible. Hearing and vision losses can lead to increasing isolation. The death of a spouse or partner is especially devastating for those who have lost not only a beloved but also the hands-on daily help they had so depended on.

The most frequent request to the Support Team voiced by Senior Village members and their families is for personal assistance that will allow them to remain in their SaddleBrooke homes—regular help with dressing, showering, and meals, for instance—as well as in-home health and medical care. Although Support Team advocates cannot provide such support themselves, they can help assess needs and provide information about both in-home services as well as resources for medical alert devices, medical equipment and management, hearing loss resources, disability transportation, and even dog and cat sitting.

If you’d like to join Senior Village or if you’re already a member and would like to request assistance from any of the village’s teams, there’s just one number you need to jot down: 520-314-1042. Volunteers from the Dispatch Team will get your message to the right place.

Senior Village Administration Team Is Top-Notch

Linda Hampton

Every successful organization needs a well-organized administration team, and that is exactly what we have in Senior Village. Under the expert guidance of volunteer team leader Mona Sullivan, this dedicated team of 21 provides a strong foundation, especially in the area of communication. Three times a year, the team gathers to stuff and seal envelopes to distribute Senior Village newsletters. They also provide the man (and woman) power necessary to mail the annual dues letter and the annual Give Where You Live campaign letter. Altogether, the team is responsible for approximately 26,000 pieces of mail every year.

However, Mona’s work doesn’t end there. She is the force behind volunteer vetting. These background checks of every volunteer provide the assurance our members value, knowing that the volunteer who enters their home or in whose car they are transported is someone Senior Village knows a bit about.

If you see a Senior Village volunteer wearing a name badge, it is because Mona made it. Name badges are received after a volunteer has been oriented, trained, and vetted. The badge is the final step in the process of preparing to serve Senior Village members.

We appreciate the admin team for their help with timely communication. And we especially appreciate the leadership of Mona Sullivan. If you would like to be a Senior Village volunteer, contact Mary Toth at [email protected] We are currently in need of people with experience in graphic design and website construction.