Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Electronic Clutter Getting You Down? Carol Kiker

The time has come to go through your drawers and cabinets and pull out those unused, outdated electronics that are taking up space. Dump them in your car and bring all that “stuff” to this community-wide recycling event. Not only are you cleaning out your house, but you are also supporting a fundraiser for our non-profit Senior Village organization.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 27, from 9 a.m. to noon at SaddleBrooke One near the Bocce Ball courts.

The Village is partnering with Suburban Miners, an eWaste facility where everything is done by hand rather than large machinery using fossil fuels. They accept all kinds of electronics and computers, cell phones, desk phones, LCD/LED monitors, flat screen TVs. There is a $25 fee to accept CRT (glass tube) TVs or CRT computer monitors.

You do not need to worry about data on your hard drives or cell phones. Suburban Miners contracts with a top-of-the-line service that provides data destruction in strict adherence to all regulations. Any repairable electronics are sold on eBay or given to those in need at their Saturday “free store.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to clear out your clutter and support this Senior Village fundraiser. Stop by and drop off all your working and non-working electronics.