Senior Village at SaddleBrooke: Neighbors helping Neighbors

Gather Your Electronics for Community-Wide Recycling Collection

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

Senior Village is working with Suburban Miners of Tucson to offer a community recycling event for all SaddleBrooke residents. Operating since 2007, Suburban Miners shreds all hard drives and guarantees safe and secure recycling.

Electronics in working order are also passed on to those in need at the weekly Suburban Miners free stores.

Come and drop off all your working or non-working electronics, flat screen TVs, cell phones, desk phones, laptops, monitors, and other computers.

The recycling event is scheduled for Saturday, March 27 from 9 a.m. until noon at the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse.

Look for more information in SaddleBrooke newspapers. Recycle and reuse!

Consider the Adventure of Moving On from SaddleBrooke

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

Ninety-four-year-old Karl Klingelhofer made the decision to leave SaddleBrooke after living in our community for 29 years. “My house was just too much to maintain,” he explained. He felt the timing was right because he was still active and healthy.

It was a bittersweet decision for widower Karl. He looked forward to an easier lifestyle with all his needs provided, but it also meant leaving the home and the memories he had shared with his wife.

To guide him through the process of downsizing and finding a long-term residence, Karl contacted the Moving On team from Senior Village that helps members make the challenging transition to a new home.

Two Moving On advocates visited Karl many months prior when he was considering moving and provided resources such as a timetable for moving, packing materials, and phone numbers of local companies to notify. He started early paring down, getting help with packing and lining up an estate sale company.

Karl is now settled in his cheerful apartment at the newly opened All Seasons residence across from Oro Valley Hospital. His independent living arrangement takes care of his meals, housekeeping services, opportunities for social interaction and transportation if he chooses not to drive. If he ever requires additional help, he can easily change his status to assisted living.

The most important lesson Karl learned was to start looking into residence options well before he needed to move and to begin paring down. The Senior Village Moving On team arranges for members to work with a no-fee professional consultant to take them to visit residences that meet their needs and preferences. Many residences have waiting lists, and it’s always smart to narrow down choices and submit your name in advance.

To contact the Moving On team, call Senior Village at 520-314-1042 or visit their website at for more information. The Village is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving more than 850 SaddleBrooke members. Annual dues are $60 for a single and $96 for a household which includes 72 services a year for transportation, help with home projects and electronics, and social activities, all part of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” The mailing address is P.O. Box 8584 Tucson, AZ 85738.