Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Senior Village volunteer Greg Nelson raises a lamp with an assist from Jean Romine’s daughter Krys.

Senior Village volunteer Greg Nelson raises a lamp with an assist from Jean Romine’s daughter Krys.

The Stories of Senior Village

Stephanie Thomas

For the past five years, Senior Village has been taking care of SaddleBrooke residents. The history of the Village is about stories, and we enjoy telling our stories because they have happy endings, thanks to you and your donations to the Village.

Fred took a tumble on the pickleball court, twisting his ankle, and was unable to drive for three weeks. As a member of Senior Village, there was no need for Fred to pay a taxi to take him to physical therapy or ask repeated favors from his neighbors. A smiling Senior Village volunteer provided round trip door-to-door service.

Bill and Sue (both aged 86) were ready to transition from SaddleBrooke but were overwhelmed with the thought of moving. The Village Moving On team eased that transition for Bill and Sue with plenty of resource information, and they are happily settled into their new living arrangements.

Jane’s birthday was coming and she was all alone with no family nearby. The Friendly Contact team sent a birthday card, and Fun with Friends lit up her life at the Village birthday luncheon, complete with a gift bag of goodies to celebrate her milestone.

John’s children gave him an Alexa Home Smart Device, but he had no idea how to set it up or use it. Our new Home Automation team helped him, and now he enjoys the ease of living that it provides for him.

Without Senior Village, Beth, a widow, would have lost all her fresh food when her refrigerator broke down. A loaned refrigerator was found and delivered by Senior Village volunteers within 15 minutes!

These happy-ending stories are repeated every week as 170 dedicated Village volunteers provide a wide range of services for transportation, home and yard projects and social activities for 850 members. The mission of Senior Village is to help our SaddleBrooke neighbors live independently in their homes and when they decide to transition from our community, we will work with them to ease the anxiety and burden of moving.

“One of the main reasons we moved to SaddleBrooke was because we found out about all the services provided by this nonprofit organization,” Senior Village member, Rosemary Cruiser, said. “Our daughters, who live in other states, were relieved to know this help would be available to us.”

Senior Village is a unique organization based on Neighbors Helping Neighbors. You too can help support this 501(c)(3) operation by making a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will benefit our community by providing a reliable and steady flow of income for Senior Village and ensuring future services.

For more information call us at 520-314-1042 or go online to our website at Our address is P.O. Box 8584 Tucson, AZ 85738.

Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

These days it is easy to get caught up in the negativity. The news keeps hammering us with the doom and gloom. We are anxious and rightly so, but there are some things that can help minimize the fears.

Limit your intake. There are plenty of sources to keep you bombarded with the latest catastrophe. Choose one source and limit the time spent watching, listening, or reading the news. Stick to your plan.

Look to the past. Get hope from your past resilience. Many of you have endured wars, depressions, and major natural disasters. Guess what, you made it through, and you are stronger because of it! Just know we will get through this current situation. Remind yourself of your resilience on a regular basis.

Look after neighbors. The Senior Village Friendly Contact team has made hundreds of calls to older, single members. You can also check with those around you. Thinking of others not only makes you feel good but reminds you we are all in this together and some really do need additional help and support.

Support your favorite local business. The SaddleBrooke restaurants are doing a great job with the takeout meals and providing plenty of distance for indoor or patio dining. Small businesses are struggling to stay open, so when you can buy locally, do so!

Send or give a gift. Give a handmade gift or fresh baked treats to friends, family, or neighbors. An unexpected gift can be a great pick-me-up in times of stress. Senior Village provides monthly birthday parties and other social events, plus providing some holiday gift baskets. When COVID-19 guidelines change, we will start these activities again.

Take advantage of found time. There are many online classes available. Learn a new language, take a cooking class online, find out more about your ancestry, tackle a project in your home—the list is endless. Remember, “time” is a gift.

Practice random acts of kindness. Now more than ever being kind is so important. Thank people in your life for their service. The delivery people, the waitress, hairdresser, etc. Think of people who could benefit from a friendly smile or your thoughtfulness. There are many people struggling to just get by day-to-day.

Take a daily inventory. End each day in gratitude. Acknowledge something new you learned or accomplished. There are positive things happening all around you. It will help dilute some of the negativity.

Senior Village volunteers are doing what they can to help you with driving, handyman projects, computer help, and check-in calls. Our community is one of the few in the United States that has this type of nonprofit organization. Utilize the services available.

Now more than ever, invest in your future to keep Senior Village a vital part of our community. Become a member or donate to Senior Village 501(c)(3). Visit our website at or call us at 520-314-1042. Our address is P.O. Box 8584, Tucson, AZ 85738.

Donations with Tax Dollars

Ed Kula

Almost since its inception, Senior Village has maintained its status as a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) under Arizona tax law. A QCO designation allows any Arizona taxpayer to donate to a selected organization and take a dollar for dollar tax credit within certain limitations.

After making a donation to a QCO like Senior Village, an Arizona state taxpayer can reduce year-end state tax liability by up to $400 for an individual and up to $800 for a jointly filed return each year. Further details and filing dates can be found at

This is a unique opportunity to support Senior Village and keep tax dollars working for us and our neighbors right here in our community. Your donations are paid directly to Senior Village with corresponding credits taken to reduce Arizona state income tax on your annual Arizona tax return. The QCO code for Senior Village at SaddleBrooke is 20990.

QCO donations are an important part of our annual funding and help us meet our motto of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” All funding for the Village comes from within SaddleBrooke. Our 170 volunteers perform direct services to over 850 members providing transportation and assistance with home and yard projects.

Donations make it possible to operate our non-profit 501(c)(3) “virtual” Village, paying for essential IT and website expenses, printing, and copying publications such as our newsletter, insurance protection for our volunteer corps, background checks for volunteers, staffing expenses, program supplies and materials, etc. Channeling your tax dollars to Senior Village through QCO contributes to quality of life in SaddleBrooke.

A QCO informational brochure is available on request; call us at 520-314-1042. Individuals seeking further guidance should consult their professional tax advisors. Donations can be sent to Senior Village at SaddleBrooke, P.O. Box 8584, Tucson, AZ 85738.