Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors


Sandy Morse and Sandy Suwyn

For Senior Village members, there isn’t a better way to spend a beautiful SaddleBrooke morning than by being out on our pristine Catalina putting green. Yes, the Senior Village program has created another fun social activity for its members, and now this morning putting group for men and ladies has become a big hit. “We have score cards and keep track of our 9 putting holes, and of course, a hole-in-one gets special recognition with lots of whooping and hollering,” says Sandy Suwyn, one of the organizers. “Some of these folks have never held a putter in their hands and now, in addition to the socializing and comradery, many are learning firsthand the thrill of what it feels like to sink a putt,” adds Sandy.

It was just about five months ago that the SaddleBrooke Senior Village program created this additional outside activity for its members, and everyone is having a ball…pun intended. The Senior Village Putters meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Caddy Shack Putting Green on Ridgeview: 10:00 a.m. in the fall/winter/spring and 8:30 in the summer. There are theme days from time to time (Valentine’s Day or maybe 4th of July) and Senior Village even provides putters, balls and a ride if needed. Previous putting experience is not required, and first timers are encouraged to come and join the fun.

Senior Village is always looking for new and varied activities for its members like the putting which gets folks outside in the sunshine with a little bit of light physical activity. Friendship, Fun, Thrills, and Stories of “Sinking that Putt” just make living in SaddleBrooke all that much better. If you are interested in the Senior Village Putting activity, please call Sandy Suwyn 520-818-1553 or BJ Murray 425-533-1409. For more information, to become a member, volunteer or donate, call 520-314-1042 or visit