Senior Village At SaddleBrooke: Neighbors helping Neighbors

David Loendorf, Senior Village president, uses his cell phone to set the room temperature at home.

David Loendorf, Senior Village president, uses his cell phone to set the room temperature at home.

Living Smart Technology Seminars

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

In a world of forever changing technology, how can seniors keep up? Most of us did not even grow up with access to a computer. Yet our participation in the future is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt, and integrate new technology. Easy to say, but for the aging adult population it is much harder to implement.

Smart technology sounds great, but unless one knows how to access these tools, it might as well be like trying to learn a foreign language. At this stage in our lives, seniors can use technology to make life easier. We just need to learn what the latest gadgets are and how to use them.

On June 26, Senior Village will be presenting the first in a series of seminars on living smart. These seminars will be for SaddleBrooke residents to explore some fun, useful, tech tools such as the ability to turn on lights (even when you are not at home), play your favorite music, get a reminder when to take your medications, control your thermostat temperature, and regulate your drip system—all by voice-controlled devices or Wifi.

Our Senior Village technology guru, David Loendorf, will be the presenter. As the president of Senior Village, he sees this as an opportunity to give back to the community. David has advanced degrees in aerospace engineering and computer science with a professional background at NASA and Duke University. David states, “I have always had a passion for self-learning.” He plans to present his material from a simple, easy to understand approach including hands-on demonstrations that will be helpful in learning some of these gadgets.

Come early to get a seat for the June 26 seminar at 11 a.m. in the Coyote north/south rooms downstairs in the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse.

Senior Village is a non-profit organization available to SaddleBrooke residents providing non-medical services to their members. For more information about Senior Village, go to or call 520-314-1042.

Senior Village Thanks SaddleBrooke Mask Makers

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

“Thank you so much for the mask. I can finally go to the grocery store. I’m on my way.”

So exclaimed an appreciative Senior Village member, echoing the words of other recipients of the free masks dropped off at their front doors by Village volunteers.

Who would have thought a year ago, even six months ago, we would be walking around looking like bank robbers? In a world that has been forced to socially quarantine and keep its distance, these masks have saved the day.

Senior Village is grateful to the many women in SaddleBrooke who formed groups and made these much-needed masks for the medical community and our residents. Thanks to your sharing, Senior Village was able to deliver 270 masks. We want to acknowledge these groups who have provided so many with masks.

Unit 47 Mask Project was started by two women and grew to more than 100 sewists, extending well beyond the unit. So far, they have made a total of 3,500 masks with over 800 given to Oro Valley Hospital and 100 to Senior Village. Many residents donated fabric, ribbon, and elastic. Milka Triebe, Jackie Schochet, and Judy Cummings put the project in motion.

SaddleBrooke Face Mask Project provided 250 masks to Senior Village for distribution. They chose Senior Village because it is the only organization in SaddleBrooke whose many volunteer services focus only on our community. Members of the SaddleBrooke Friday Quilters, as well as other participants, constructed masks for this project.

SaddleBrooke Squares Club has approximately 20 sewists making masks. This group donated fabric and Elaine Beeble purchased the elastic. One of the sewists, Donna Martin, shared masks with Senior Village for distribution.

Although there is no charge for these masks, many residents contributed “thank you dollars,” which the sewing groups have given to Senior Village as their designated charity. Everyone, all at once, came together to provide a valuable item. The combined efforts of dozens of residents and volunteer Village drivers showed the true spirit of “give where you live”.

Beth Conti, another Senior Village member, stated, “I am thrilled to be a recipient of an uber cool mask! Many thanks to you and your talented volunteers in making these valuable gifts available during this challenging time. Stay safe. Stay well.”

To learn more about Senior Village, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping members live independently in their homes, go to or phone 520-314-1042.