Senior Softball Winter League


Mark Hojnacki

Approaching the mid-season mark of the Winter League season stellar hitting dominates all seven leagues in SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association. The season ends the last week of April when we say good-bye to our snowbird players returning to their summer homes. Sign-ups for spring season will be in early April.

In the Monday Recreation League a close race for the batting title is between Dave Good (.852), Jonathan Green (.833) and Ron Finelli (.826). David Kraut is the top slugger at 1.192 with three HR’s. Laura Lang is leading our female players with a (.680) average closely followed by Gloria Krom (.625) and Janice Mihora (.619). The five team Monday Community League has another tight batting average race between the newcomer Dave Fortis (.852) and SSSA veteran Rick Ervin (.844). On their heels are powerful lefty Gus Marano and line-drive hitting Harold Weinenger at (.788). Both Weinenger and Marano lead in slugging percentage with 1.515 and 1.394 averages respectively. Weinenger leads in homeruns with six.

Tuesday Community League’s top dogs are Dennis Skoneczka (.833) battling Rick O’Reilly (.806) and Roger Baker (.789). The hard-hitting newcomer Bruce Keefer leads in slugging percentage with 1.167. Vern Santos leads in HR’s with three. Tuesday Competitive League is being dominated by three stars from one team, the always dangerous power-hitting Len Gann (.821), and the Illinois duo Lynn Laureys (.794) and Steve Garceau (.765). Gann also leads in slugging (1.538), extra base hits with 19 and HR’s with three.

Thursday Coyote League boasts top hitters Paul Auster (.909), Ron Quarantino (.854) and Tom Klein (.833). Auster is another new member to our community and leads in slugging percentage (1.455) over Mr. Softball Ron Quarantino (1.366).

Friday Community League has Harold Weinenger (.862) and ex-Special Forces Mike Hamm (.857) in a heated battle for the batting title. Harold also leads in slugging (1.379) and HR’s he is tied with the speedster Dave Diercks with three.

The Friday Competitive League has four individuals seeking top honors. Mark Hojnacki (.903), Tim Ward (.868), Harold Weinenger (.867) and Len Gann (.829) are fighting it out for the batting title. Gann (1.543), Hojnacki (1.452) and All-State Good Hands Tom Ottaway (1.407) lead in slugging percentage. Hojnacki leads in HR’s with three and the retired “Coaching Legend” Gann leads in extra base hits with 20.

SSSA has our annual St. Patrick’s Day tourney on Saturday, March 17, so come down to our shaded grandstands and watch some OLD MAN SOFTBALL.