Senior Softball News!

King Mitchell

Well, here it is Sept. 26, and SaddleBrooke Progress deadline time. That means words from the golden fingertips of yours truly!

Labor Day Tournament Highlights!

In the books is our Labor Day Tournament, appreciatively sponsored by Beyond Clean. Thanks, Jimmy and Karen. We had a rip-roaring crowd down for some softball “dramedy,” tunes, brats, dogs, burgers, and more! With DJ Leroy Johnson spinning the platters and yours truly at the mic and Tournament Director Jessica Passoni working her logistical “magic,” the softballers put on a show.

In game one, the Community/Coyote contest, Twin Lakes Air just held off Tucson Orthopaedic 15 to 14. Then in Sidewinder/Recreational, Beyond Clean “cleaned” Window Wizards’ windows 13 to 6. And, finally, in the twilight game (well, noonish), the “Competitives” put on another barn-burner with The Longo Firm outlasting The Charles Company 19 to 17.

At break time, the softballers, with Tournament Director Jessica Passoni and Association VP Paul Auster at the microphone, honored Jack Graef (featured earlier this year in an article) who turned 90 in September and has been around SaddleBrooke Senior Softball longer than the earth has been orbiting around the sun. Jack’s still holding down the “hot corner” in the Recreational League. Eddie Lopez put together a photo montage as a presentation for Jack.

Summer League Action

Well, softball fans, the Summer League is “in the books”! Final results are in, the league winners decided, and the softballers started up again on Monday, Oct. 9.

On Mondays in the Recreational League, Dominick’s Italian dominated the league over Hardin Brothers Automotive, coming in with a 6-2 record to Hardin’s 2-6. Tough season for the Autos. In Community, DS Builders took a twin bill on the final day to go from “worst” to “first,” starting 0-4 but then going 7-1 for a 7-5 record and the league championship. Ray Szpakowski, CPA, finished at 6-6, and Firetruck Brewing ended up in the cellar at 5-7.

On Tuesdays in Community ball, KJK Insurance also dominated their league with a 7-2 record to Healthy Skin Dermatology’s 2-7. In Competitive, Kristy McInnis-Coldwell Banker Realty had a solid season at 6-3 to Players Pub 3-6. Hopefully, the beer was still cold, though!

On Wednesdays in Community, Rancheros Market played steady all season and ended with a 7-3 record to Pride Mechanical’s 3-7. In the Sidewinder League, Jim Click Automotive group also had a solid season, ending with a 7-3 record to Leah Kari Medicare Solutions’ 3-7.

Over to Thursdays and the Coyote League. Red Earth Tile cruised to a 7-3 record over their league partners in softball adventure, Robson Communities, who finished at the other end, 3-7.

On Fridays in Competitive, SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue-Bill Wescoe (thanks, Bill) just held on for the league title with a 5-4 record, while Shifren Physical Therapy narrowly missed out on the ring, coming up short at 4-5. Same in Friday Community, with Splendido the 5-4 league champs, while Shelves that Slide ended up at 4-5.

That’s it for now, softball fans. Next up! Fall season, beginning Oct. 9 and running until mid-December. By the time you read this, the season should have about a week under its belt. The snowbirds will start drifting in out of the frozen North about mid-October, and the rosters should be full. And … our Veterans Day Tournament will be Nov. 11, so be there. There should be a full day of softball action, music, food, and fun.

In the meantime, you can always come down to the field and check the softball action Monday through Friday (and the junkies are usually down practicing on Saturdays as well). Or you can surf us for information, standings, and stats at

Remember … it’s a hitter’s game. Just keep lobbing it up there!