SDB CycleMasters step-up during the summer

The SaddleBrooke CycleMasters, in partnership with Robson Publishing (publisher of the monthly SaddleBrooke Progress), has volunteered to deliver the Progress to all the homes in SaddleBrooke. The community has been divided into 41 routes, mainly around units. So, during the summer months when the snowbirds have left town and many of us take trips to explore new places, visit families or escape the heat, our normal regular delivery team is reduced significantly, which requires additional volunteers to help with the deliveries. CycleMasters wants to thank those volunteers, both regular and alternate deliverers, for their dedication. In July, we were short 22 regulars, requiring the remaining regulars to pick up an additional route or two, along with enlisting those on the alternates list.

As you probably know, Robson Publishing pays the CycleMasters for their delivery service from which funds are used to purchase new bicycles and helmets for the “most improved” students at the elementary schools in Oracle and Mammoth.

Our appreciation goes out not only to CycleMasters but to other community members that “step up” to take on duties in all organizations operating during the summer months with shorthanded staff. What a great community that we live in!