SBWGA-18—September School Bells

Lee Anne McClelland, September Overall Gross ACE Winner

Kay McCollom, September Overall Net ACE Winner

Venetia Hobson Lewis

To many of us, September was the month that schools resumed their regular schedule. First day’s awkwardness, new books, new teachers, and new subjects brought anxieties and the closure to a carefree summer filled with swimming, tennis, hanging out, and reading for pleasure. September meant reading heavy textbooks, which didn’t fit easily into the metal lockers that banged open, creating quite a clamor that resounded down the halls.

The sounds of drivers hitting little, round golf balls resounded on SaddleBrooke’s courses on Sept. 13, when SaddleBrooke Men’s Golf Association (SMGA) hosted SaddleBrooke Women’s Golf Association-18 (SBWGA-18) to a men’s/women’s game, with lunch following. The winners, who played the game like spry preppies, were: Flight One first, Ann Chatham/Tom Clairmont, 63.3; second, Maire Ryan/Tom Herrmann, 65.7; third, Reenie Romey/Terry Edwards, 65.9. Flight Two first, Barb Verbus/Steve Karsonis, 64.2; second, Kathleen Houser/Gan Avery, 64.6; third, Sandi Chester/Tom Shephard, 64.7. Flight Three, a tie for first with a score of 63.5, Gail Plimpton/Chris Costello and Kay McCollom/Len Kirklin; third, Christine Smith/Terry McCollom, 66.2. Congratulations to the winners on Sept. 13!

Like a highly anticipated exam prior to report cards, ACE Day popped up on Sept. 14. Grading on the curve wasn’t necessary. With their “A” games sharp as a pencil, Lee Anne McClelland won September Overall ACE Day Gross Winner with a gross 91, and Kay McCollom won September Overall Ace Day Net Winner with a net 71.

Other belles reported low scores on their cards. Red/Yellow Flight: Gross winner, Brenda Brown, 80; Net winner, Sandra Murray, 73.

Red Tees: Flight 1, Gross first, Ann Chatham, 89; second, Reenie Romey, 90; Net first, Deb Fenton, 75. Flight 2, Gross first, Sarah Earnest, 92; second, Sally Drennen, 94; Net first, Venetia Lewis, 75. Flight 3, Gross first, BJ Murray, 97; second, Marsha Camp, 102; Net first, Gail Fosmire, 78. Flight 4, Gross first, Janet Robinson, 103; second, Patty Mawe, 106; Net first, Judy Schilling, 77.

Red/Aqua Flight: Gross first, Lynn Stewart, 91; second, Gail Plimpton, 98; Net first, Nancy Wyllie, 77.

Happy Saguaro, owned by Edgar Castillo, which specializes in Southwest quality pieces made by local artisans, sponsored the Closest to the Pin Award on Catalina number 3. Gail Plimpton won it with artistic flair when her ball nestled only 6 feet 5.5 inches from the cup. Congratulations to the winners on Sept. 14!

Remember running into the classroom at the last second before the bell? Remember anticipating Halloween for weeks? (Maybe that hasn’t changed.) Such joys we thankfully have passed on to this year’s students. However, we’re always learning. Many of our golfers have been schooled in golf for many years; to others, it’s a new subject. Isn’t learning wonderful? We get to repeat the subject of golf as many times as we please, and we won’t get a note for detention hall.

It’s time to tee up!