SBWGA-18 Partners

Venetia Hobson Lewis

Golfing with a partner in a match competition against another twosome of partners can be an interesting, vitalizing, and energizing day on the golf course. On the lips of the golfers is the phrase “we’ll ham-and-egg it” meaning when one partner hacks about and makes a mess of golf from tee to green (egging it), the other partner must hunker down and make all good shots, saving the hole (hamming it). That is everyone’s intention. Sometimes, however, neither partner seems able to make good shots on the same hole. That means they’re both toast.

On Oct. 20, our SBWGA-18 women golfers were all cookin’ on the course. The head chefs of the day—those partnered twosomes who won over their competition—were Kathleen Houser and Sandi Chester; Debbie Green and Eila Sallaberry; Gail Fosmire and Venetia Lewis (by default); Maggie Falconer and Audrey Costello; Gail Plimpton and Marsha Camp; Darlene Warner and Geri Conser; Patty Mawe and Jan Kreis; Yolanda Niemann and Doris Smith; Kay McCollom and Barbara Katz; Ann Running and Kathy DeMerritt; Bonnie Westra and C.J. Johnson; Nancy Sartor and Connie Culley; Maggie Brown and Nancy Wyllie; Sylvia Kastelic and Barbro Sultan. Four groups tied: Reenie Romey with Kerry Crowell and Maire Ryan with Becky Hubbard; Sharon Kreutzen with Carol Frizzell and Mary Ribacchi with Phyllis Sarrels.

On the Par-3 SaddleBrooke hole number 6, Trilogy Electric LLC sponsored prizes to five golfers whose drives landed on the green. Names were drawn from all the “Greenies”, and those lucky five players were Kerry Crowell, Maire Ryan, Phyllis Sarrels, Cathe Kropp, and Kathleen Houser. Windows of Greater Tucson, Inc. sponsored the “Closest to the Pin” award on the Par-3 Catalina hole number 8. Becky Hubbard won when her golf ball stopped four feet from the hole.

In the middle of November, our SBWGA-18 golfers play our 3-day, low net major tournament, the Cactus Classic, over all three of our 9-hole courses, which have reopened after overseeding. We thank Mike Roddy, Superintendent of Golf & Grounds, and his two Assistant Superintendents, Mike Phillips and Alex Flores, and the rest of their crew for their superb maintenance of our courses all year long.

Just a few weeks ago, SBWGA-18 inaugurated a new Board of Directors: Carol Bidwell, President; Ann Stonecipher, Vice President; Mary Ribacchi, Secretary; Cathe Kropp, Treasurer; Nancy Sartor, Tuesday Play-Day Chair; Reva Stolpe, Special Tournaments; Joan Chyall, Handicap Chair; and Christine Smith, Membership Chair. Congratulations!

In general, this year is playing out to unexpected results. But, you know, that’s life—and the game of golf.

It’s time to tee up!