SBWGA-18 news and scores

Kathy Minx

Lynn Stucky

Marsha Camp
Thank you, Cathe, Ila, Judy and Maire, for the rules seminar in February. And, if there’s a huge demand, these gals just might do another one. Until then, to aid our members, I’ve decided to add a rules question segment for your reading pleasure. I will continue these segments until Judy begs me to stop or until I am pelted with nerf golf balls, whichever comes first.
Question #1: During the LPGA tournament in Thailand, an interesting rules question came up. Amy Olson told Ariya Jutaugarn not to mark her ball on the green. Her idea was to speed the pace of play. When Amy chipped her ball onto the green it struck Ariya’s ball. Both players were assessed no penalty. Do you know why? The answer will follow in next month’s Progress.
If you are curious about where our sponsor money goes, our Treasurer, Kathy Minx conveyed some interesting information during the February luncheon. Although our membership is growing steadily, our dues are not enough to pay for everything we do. Therefore, our sponsors are valuable to us. 2018 sponsorship money paid for half of our handbook. They covered over half of our major events such as the President’s Cup, the Cactus Classic and the Club Championship. They also underwrote several minor events including Sadie Hawkins. Something that you may not have thought about, our sponsors learn that SBWGA-18 isn’t just about golf. We give back to the community.
Sandy Murray has some great ideas for our membership and needs your input. Those of you lucky enough to card a Hole-In-One receive a nice plaque to commemorate the event. But wouldn’t a pin for your golf bag be nice? How about an eagle pin? Surely those are rare enough for a pin. The “Two Club” has lost momentum lately and “2” pins are all but extinct. How many of you would be interested in putting some life back into that club? Let Sandra know what you think.
As you know, Sandra is campaigning for our members to consider playing from the Red/Aqua Tees. And, Lynn Stewart has supplied ample proof that playing from those tees can renew and even heighten your enthusiasm for the game. Lynn broke 80 while playing from the Red/Aqua Tees in February. Way to go ,Lynn.
Kathy DeMerritt and Nancy Fuller-Wilson are Chairs for this year’s Quail Classic Invitational on April 7, 8 and 9. The theme is “Gone Country” and this event is always a lot of fun. A major part of this yearly extravaganza is the raffle; Audrey Costello is in charge of this segment. Get your weekly golf group together and make up a theme basket. Give her a call if you need an idea. If you don’t want to do a basket, no problem. She welcomes financial contributions. Checks can be made out to Quail Classic or cash with proper ID, of course.
Okay, that’s a wrap. TTFN.