SBWGA-18: Member/Member—It’s a Winner!

Venetia Hobson Lewis

Back when the Food Network started up, I hankered for every show on it—Ace of Cakes, Alton Brown’s Good Eats, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Going along with Guy Fieri to small cafes that served enormous and calorie-laden dishes just hit the spot. Many times Fieri would repeat the phrase “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.” Alliterations make you sit up and notice; they’re a spicy way of getting and keeping your attention.

Nancy Sartor, Sharon Kreutzen, and Cathe Kropp got SBWGA-18’s attention with their first serving of the Member/Member Tournament on April 12 and April 13. Two-person teams recorded their best net score on each hole the first day and tried to beat that score on the second day. Best net team scores from either the first day or second day were combined for their total scores, and there were some low scores recorded.

Helen Graham and Mary Ribacchi won Overall First Gross with a gross score of 65. Overall First Net winners were Judy Melo and Brenda Brown with a net score of 52.

Flight winners are as follows. First Flight Gross winners: Takeyo Eakin and Sandra Murray with a gross score of 70. First Flight Net winners: first, Francie Entz and Gail Fosmire with a 57; second, Lee Anne McClelland and Geri Sandilands with a 58; third, Kay Kunze and Deb Ousley with a 59. Second Flight Gross winners: Geri Conser and Venetia Lewis with a gross score of 76. Second Flight Net winners: first, Dede Crowder and Mary Floerke with a 55; second, Margie Buhler and Ann Stonecipher with a 55; third, CJ Johnson and BJ Murray with a 56. Third Flight Gross winners: Judy Briney and Vernie Tupa with a gross score of 81. Third Flight Net winners: first, Eleanor Kehlenbeck and Marcia Keim with a 57; second, Cathe Kropp and Kass Liefke with a 58; third, Judy Schilling and Linda Watkins with a 58.

Four members were awarded for their tee shots on par 3’s that nestled up closest to the pin: (on April 12) Margie Buhler on Tucson number 8, 3 feet 11 inches and Takeyo Eakin on SaddleBrooke number 6, 1 foot 1 inch; (on April 13) Judy Melo on SaddleBrooke number 6, 2 feet 10 inches and Patty Mawe on Tucson number 2, 4 feet 9 inches.

Four members were awarded longest drives, according to their handicaps: Sandra Murray on SaddleBrooke 1; Suzanne Stone-Griffith on SaddleBrooke 9; Cinda Haugsby on Tucson 3; and Marcia Keim on Tucson 9.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to Coyote Golf Cars, which sponsored the tournament.

To top off the event, our players sat down to a group luncheon under the patio pergola of the RoadRunner Grill, the first since the pandemic.

This tournament dished up an enticing game and whetted our appetite for another course of the same on a regular basis. Thank you, Nancy, Sharon, and Cathe.

It’s time to tee up!