SB Lady Niners have much to celebrate

President’s Cup winner Debbie Thompson and second place Edie Crall

Barbara Johnson

On March 1, 3, 5 and 8, the SaddleBrooke Lady Niners held their annual tournament for the President’s Cup. The tournament was played on all three courses with a match play format, in which half the field is eliminated with the conclusion of each round. Although the first day proved to be a pretty chilly one, the other three days had picture-perfect conditions. After some spirited competitive play, our 2018 victor emerged. Appropriately enough, our current President of the SaddleBrooke Lady Niners, Debbie Thompson, is now also our 2018 President’s Cup Champion. Edie Crall came in at second place, and the third place honors went to Judy Schilling. Congratulations to all the ladies!

As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, we now have our June General Meeting and Luncheon coming up after golf on June 12. This event is very special to us because this is the one where we invite a representative of Girls Junior Golf of Tucson as well as at least one of the young players. This has been our big charity for several years and once we meet and hear from the young ladies who benefit from our donation we feel even more fortunate to have helped out these most deserving young ladies. A special thank you goes out to Coyote Golf because as our major sponsor they make it possible for us to donate a more sizeable check to this wonderful organization. They will be coming back later in the summer when our 18-hole ladies league brings the whole group to SaddleBrooke for a golf clinic and play. It’s always heart-warming to see so many young ladies out there!