Save these dates

It won’t be long before the Tucson Symphony Orchestra will be filling the Tucson Music Hall with its wonderful music. Fifteen years ago, a group of music lovers formed the SaddleBrooke Symphony Guild with the mission to “Provide residents the opportunity to strengthen our community’s awareness and support the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.” The Guild facilitates opportunities for members to attend Tucson Symphony Orchestra events. Membership is open to all SaddleBrooke residents and only costs $15 for a single or $25 for a household membership. The bus costs keep rising, so we do our best to keep the price of the events having a bus, dinner and ticket as low as possible. Many members purchase their own tickets and just pay for the bus and dinner. So grab a pen and mark your calendars for this season’s events.

The first event will be on Friday, November 13 with wine and cookies on the bus to attend a Classic Concert – Sibelius and Elgar’s Enigmatic Friends. Guest conductor is David Alan Miller.

Because we know December is jam packed with events and family doings, the next event is on Saturday, January 9. It is an afternoon concert at the Catalina Foothills High School which is known for its fine acoustics. This Masterworks concert is Moonstruck: Schumann & Schmidt, and will be conducted by George Hanson, TSO conductor laureate. Bus transportation will be provided with the option of dinner afterward at MountainView Bistro.

On Monday, February 22 the TSO String Quartet will play a concert followed by dinner at the MountainView Ballroom.

We will return for a concert and dinner at MountainView Ballroom on Wednesday, March 23. The TSO Brass Quintet will be playing for us.

The last event of this season will be on Sunday, April 17 – an afternoon Classic Concert: Sailing with Scheherazade with Mei-Ann Chen, conducting. Bus transportation is provided and dinner follows the concert.

Vikki Williams is membership chair and Tom Johnson is the president of the Guild. They would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have; Vikki Williams at 825-0527 or Tom Johnson at 825-1346.