SASO wishes a happy holiday with a musical menu

Punch Howarth

All of the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra family wishes all our readers a joyful holiday season. At a time when most are planning menus for the celebrations, the following might be helpful. Divided into eight areas are the following:

A. Drinks or Cacophonous Bartok

Dry Tartini – Cor Inglese Clarinet – Solturn – dry Sackbut – lemon Cello

Gregorian chianti – Triplet sec – Bach and Largo beer

B. Appetizers

Flute cup – assorted Piccolos – veiled Salome – Bachwurst – fresh Saliere

C. Salads

Clefs salad with Harps of lettuce, water Cresc. and cut Thyme. Choice of Polonaise or Blues cheese dressing

D. Breads

Sour Do loaf – Drum rolls – Humperdinckel – Whole Tone wheat

E. Kettle Drum soups

Bourree of split pea – Lento and Sharp fin – vegetable Suppe’ Poet and Peasant style

F. Entrees

Allegro of lamb with natural gravy – filet of Sol – Presto duck – Scaled rockfish steamship Round with Saucetakovich – Figured Bass

Assorted organ meats Toscanini – crab Canon – veal Parsifal – Trout Quintet – Coq D’ Or – Pizza Cato

G. Vegetables

Creamed Spinet – String beans – Swiss Czardas – haricots Verdi – onion rings Niebelungen – Back Beets – Galloped Potatoes – Triple PPPeas – Offenbach beans

H. Suites (desserts) Major or Minor portions

Key lime pie – Eclaire De Lune – orange Schubert – Cacophony of cakes – Straussberry shortcake – Tutti Frutti ice cream – stewed Rhubato Fromage Sharp cheese – Liederkreis – Sour Do loaf Con Brio – Rockford and Blues cheeses

All the music terms have a capital letter.

Following this exercise in gastronomy, let us look ahead to the next SASO concert for our hearing pleasure. Linus Lerner will conduct two works of Edward Elgar; Pomp and Circumstance No. 4 (not the one everyone knows) and his Violin Concerto with Edwin E. Soo Kim soloist. Symphonic Dances of Rachmaninov will close the program. Concert dates will be Saturday, January 28 at 7:30 p.m. at SaddleBrooke, Friday, January 27 at 7:00 p.m. in Green Valley and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 29 in Oro Valley. At the previous concert the orchestra literally blew the roof off with the Beethoven Fifth. For more data on concerts, tickets and membership go to