San Miguel…Top city in the world to visit!

Sunset view from the rooftop of the Rosemont Hotel

Sunset view from the rooftop of the Rosemont Hotel

Linda Stack-Chenok

This year Conde Nast travelers have selected San Miguel as the number one city in the world to visit! Why? It is a combination of many different things—sunlight bouncing off earth-tone walls, flowers, restaurants in old haciendas, stores, history, museums, music, art and gorgeous B&B’s and hotels. The city itself is a UNESCO heritage site, maintaining its Spanish colonial charm from over 500 years ago. Here are some of the reasons that make it one of my favorite spots to visit.

Where I stay is important to me. There are many wonderful B&B’s, hacienda style, as well as very sophisticated five star properties. No matter what your budget, you will find a place that suits your taste. Depending on how much you like to walk, you can stay right in the center or a bit farther away near a beautiful park and the bull ring.

In the evenings I love to decide where to eat. There are many restaurant choices that fulfill all international tastes with great food and ambience. Either before or after dinner, I like to sit on the gorgeous rooftop of the Rosewood Hotel for a drink in the outdoor bar and catch the sun going down over the hills. And I like to check out what is playing at the Angela Perlata Theatre. Over the years I have seen some great international talent (jazz, flamenco, etc.) as well as some classic plays performed by local companies.

One of my favorite events is to visit the Mask Museum, owned by Heidi and Bill, which is part of their beautiful home. Bill has created a world class museum of Mexican masks and loves to share his knowledge about his collection. And Heidi is a well known authority in folk art, working and supporting many Mexican artists.

While there is an abundance of things to do in the city, there are also many short trips outside. One of my favorites is a visit to a small UNESCO church in a dusty little town where it is hard to imagine there are things of great beauty. Upon entering the church and seeing the extensive frescos everywhere, you are captivated. Walls and ceilings are covered in intricate detail with paintings and three dimensional tableaus depicting the life and times of Christ. Many people say this is the Sistine Chapel of Mexico! Of great interest is a trip to Guanajuato, an old colonial city filled with churches, parks, a grand opera house and the home of Diego Rivera. I also love to visit private homes/galleries. These can range from amazing folk art collections to large sprawling haciendas that take your breath away. And if you like to cook, there is a variety of cooking classes to choose from.

San Miguel continually beguiles you. It is always evolving with something new and different to offer. If you want to visit San Miguel, why not come on my escorted trip? Please contact me for more information at [email protected].