Safety Corridors

SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee

Some of our streets are designated “safety corridors,” so called because they are intended to slow people down on ones that are considered to be dangerous. They were given that designation after there was concern for people’s safety in those areas. If you are ticketed for speeding within these safety corridors, your fine will be doubled. The following areas have been designated as safety corridors: MountainView Blvd., Clubhouse Drive, Desert Bluff Drive, and E. Catalina Hills.

Some drivers who have been ticketed for speeding in a safety corridor argue that the street should not be a safety corridor. Whether or not this is a valid argument is a matter for debate, but this is not an excuse for flouting the rule.

Speed limits are incorporated into our rules and regulations for safety reasons. Our rules are a social contract of sorts that you agreed to enter into when you became a resident of SaddleBrooke TWO. Fines for breaking speed limit rules are intended to be a wake-up call causing you to think about paying attention to the rules of the community in which you live. When you break those rules, it’s your fellow homeowners, your neighbors, and friends whom you are putting at risk, in addition to yourself and the passengers in your vehicle.

The official rules on moving violations are as follows:


Section 4.01 General

Traffic regulations are relevant to all vehicles within the boundaries of SBHOA2, which include, but are not limited to, the following: automobiles, trucks, golf carts, recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, motorcycles, bicycles and any motorized vehicles.

Section 4.02 Moving Violations

A. Speeding

1. It is a violation to exceed posted speed limits within the boundaries of SBHOA2.

2. When an area does not have a posted speed limit, the following will prevail:

(a) 25 mph in residential areas;

(b) 10 miles per hour in driveways and parking lots around the MountainView, DesertView, The Preserve complexes, and other community buildings.

And, remember, fines are doubled in safety corridors! Please drive safely.