SaddleBrooke TWO Golf Raises Educational Funds for Veterans’ Families

The missing military service member is memorialized before the tee off of the 2020 Folds of Honor Mission golf tournament at SaddleBrooke TWO. This year, the Patriot Golf Day is Sept. 6 at MountainView Golf Club. Additional events are planned from August through Labor Day (Photo by Mike Karpe)

Mike Karpe

SaddleBrooke TWO golf operations and The Folds of Honor Mission spread their scholarship wings over the senior resort community in a winning way again this year. Folds of Honor provides scholarships to children or spouses of service members who have been killed or severely wounded while defending the freedoms that we enjoy today. SaddleBrooke TWO golf pros have planned events to increase revenue in 2021 and allow even more participation from the SaddleBrooke community.

Last year during the COVID crisis, SaddleBrooke TWO golf generated the most significant single event donation from Southern Arizona over the 15 years that Folds of Honor has been in existence. The SaddleBrooke TWO golf pros plan to beat that Folds of Honor record this year.

This year, the Patriot Golf Day is Sept. 6 at MountainView Golf Club. The 2021 golf event is sold out. However, a new and exciting fundraising program, designed by PGA Golf Pros Mike Karpe and Matt Hudson, begins with the two playing 108 continuous holes on Wednesday, Aug. 25—that is equivalent to six rounds! If you want to support Mike and Matt in the quest to play 108, donate to their goal. You can go to the website Mike and Matt are also looking for volunteers to be their cart drivers when they play. There will be additional information through the SaddleBrooke TWO media channels on how you can sign up.

“I have been very fortunate to play this game of golf for a living,” Karpe noted. “And I wanted to give back to Gold Star Families whose fathers, mothers, brothers, sons, and sisters have afforded so much for our freedom.” Hudson noted, “By adding the Golf Marathon, we can support Folds of Honor through a fun and sporting environment in SaddleBrooke. After all, education is the key to success.”

Shortly before Labor Day, they will launch a silent auction website with some great items, including VIP tickets to the Lightning and Thunder over Arizona Air Show in November. Also, a two-night stay and two rounds of golf at The Patriot Golf Club in Tulsa will be up for auction. Raffle ticket and silent auction sales will help raise more revenue than last year’s $30,000 during the COVID crisis.

Less than one-half of a percent of Americans put on the uniform to defend our freedoms and democracy. There is a price to pay, and the veterans’ families foot the bill. SaddleBrooke residents can help shoulder this responsibility by participating through August and Labor Day in the Folds of Honor Mission.

Since 2007, the national program has awarded over 29,000 educational scholarships, funded through $145 million in contributions. The organization enjoys a cumulative average ratio of 90% of every dollar raised going to the educational program. The group is rated four out of four stars by Charity Navigator.