SaddleBrooke Tennis Club

Sadie Hawkins Day

Jay Clayton Wilson

What a party! More than eighty players were supported by more than two dozen volunteers including event organizer Debbie McGeehan. Sadie Hawkins Day at the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club is an occasion in which the club’s ladies invite men for a day of mixed doubles followed by delicious food and our favorite cold beverages.

On top of that, Debbie arranged for new demonstration tennis rackets to be tested on our courts where members were able to practice with the newest and best.

One additional treat was provided by Cheri Megli of Tennis Cabana. She made hundreds of fashionable clothing items, rackets and shoes available for viewing and purchase on the STC patio.

While we do not ordinarily list the names of the many volunteers who make these events so successful, we need to make an exception this time because we want everyone to get a feel for the kind of work they do.

For example, Phil Johnson set up the music system on the STC patio where the party was held. Chris Madsen, Gene McGeehan and Mike Gleason from Tennis Cabana worked with the demo racket program. Information on the STC website was handled by Riley Jackson while Stephanie Thomas was involved in multiple tasks that included assisting shoppers with their selection of the newest tennis clothing. As an additional treat Rachel Duffy, daughter of club President TJ Duffy, took hundreds of photos to memorialize Sadie Hawkins Day. Take a moment to view them on the STC patio bulletin board and in our publications.

Court assignments had to be made and play coordinated by George Collins on the Tennis Center courts, Carol Eisenbraun at MountainView and Melanie Murphy, also at STC.

Tables and chairs had to be set up. That vital job was handled by Rufus Renfrow, Kent Naugle, Chad Stettler, Sandy Stettler, Richard Wantuck and Randy Zimmerman. Clothing, accessories and shoes had to be unpacked, set up on displays and ultimately repacked. That was the job of Marje Valenti, Claudia Enea, Connie Sacra, Melanie Murphy, Mandy Leith, Sharon Gartner and Sandy Stettler.

Finally, and of most importance, arrangements for food and ice cold drinks were in the capable hands of Judie Renfrow, Joyce Wantuck and Ginger Riffel.

Consider this an invitation. You can join in the STC experience by getting to know the people who are most involved and simply calling to offer your time.

The entire membership of SaddleBrooke Tennis Club is grateful to all of these wonderful volunteers for their efforts in making the 2015 Sadie Hawkins Day a sparkling success. Thanks to each of you.

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