SaddleBrooke Tennis Club sizzles through another stellar year

H.V. Topspin

“No one ever left a job or a marriage because they were over-appreciated.”

All non-profits rely on the good will and energy of members who volunteer to arrange, contrive and engender salubrious events that build a better and more convivial tennis experience. Our SaddleBrooke Tennis club is no stranger to the finest of these. In fact, we have a superb surfeit of volunteers.

Accordingly, on October 25 a gathering of the faithful was held in their honor coincident to lauding the newly joined members. According to our official scrutator, 50 percent plus of the new members were in attendance along with 71 volunteers. Yes, the Tennis Pavilion was overflowing with pulchritude and libations and canapés taken ad libitim. Nearly 200 members and guests attended what is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Concessions for the gathering were provided by the MembershipOrientation committee-consisting of Connie Kacer, Jim Abrahamson, Jon Chase, and the team of Gary and Terry Rowell. Ably assisting were stalwarts TJ Duffy (2017 Member of the Year), Nancy Frazer, Glen George, Al Kacer, Yvonne LeCornu, Nancy Marks, Debbie McGeehan, Ginger Riffel, Chad and Sandy Stettler, Kay Sullivan, Frank Valenti, Rick Waldorf and Tex Whitney.

In addition to aforementioned volunteernew member party, the following occasions were held at the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club in 2017:

January 18-Feb 24: A great way to start the year off with Gender Team Tennis organized by Ginger Riffel.

January 28: University of Arizona men’s tennis team Red vs Blue practice match exhibition at the SB Tennis Center

January 28: Recreation and Activities Fair at the Mountain View Ballroom

February 11: Throwback in time playing tennis in Vintage style with wooden racquets and outfits organized by Tina Huber and Tami Graeber.

March 27-29: First annual STC Calcutta Tennis Social headed up by Terri Rowell. So much fun we are doing it again in 2018!

July 4: Apple Pie Contest and Ice Cream Tennis Social

September 4: Hamburger and Hotdog Labor Day Barbeque

November 11: Fifth annual Tennis Cabana and Wilson Racquet Demo Day. Our members are sporting new outfits along with new racquets!

November 18: U of A Skin Cancer Research Fundraiser organized by TJ Duffy. STC members were able to play with the U of A men’s and ladies tennis team. Along with a silent auction organized by Kathy Mager, the STC raised over $3,000!

December 5: Our annual STC Holiday Gala Dinner Dance at The Vista’s with a turnout of 155 people!

December 27-31: STC hosts 2017 USTA Winter Nationals. The SB Tennis Center was buzzing with brilliant, high-energy competition provided by the top-ranked 128 girls in the 14s division.

January 1: Wrap up the year with something different. New Year’s “Healthy Day, Healthy Play” organized by John Sochacki. We worked off the hangovers and calories! No food or drinks, just fun play.

Check the website for membership information, organized play, socials and other outstanding events upcoming for 2018 o, call 520-825-0255 before noon M-S.