SaddleBrooke Tennis Club Plays World Team Tennis

SaddleBrooke Tennis Club participants

Mike Oberski

SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) hosted a very interesting interclub team tennis event, which was held over a six-week period on Sunday afternoons. This social, yet competitive tennis league is a mixed-gender league played using some unusual tennis formats that add a bit of interest to the game.

World Team Tennis (WTT) is played professionally today and was first introduced in 1973. Billie Jean King began the first WTT season in 1974 with some famous players like Arthur Ashe and Wilt Chamberlain. More than 50 SaddleBrooke tennis members played in this league, making up eight different teams, with team names like Mike’s Mixed Nuts, Big Saguaros, and Scrambled Legs.

STC would like to thank Bill Wallin for starting and leading this tennis league. The team captains were Bill Wallin, Mike Oberski, Jim Abrahamson, Ron Bouchard, Gary Rowell, Linda Foy, Brian Hand, and Zoli Nagy. We would also like to thank Mike Oberski for lending his expertise on WTT—he formed a multiple-club WTT league in San Diego and had a chance to meet legend Billie Jean King.