SaddleBrooke Tennis Club: Burgers, hot dogs and root beer floats

Jay Clayton Wilson

Labor Day 2017 was a spectacular holiday on the STC patio. Colorful decorations and tasty food greeted well over 100 members and guests who joined us to celebrate the last days of summer.

The aroma of grilled hamburgers and plump hotdogs wafted throughout the entire community. Those burgers were summertime-yummy in the extreme. Splendid ice cream combined with A&W root beer made delicious root beer floats like we used to have back in our high school days. Of course, our dates at the party were more beautiful than the ones we had back then. Wives are a good thing.

The party didn’t just happen like a monsoon blowing in from the southeast. It was highly organized and perfectly orchestrated by our own Debbie McGeehan and Cindy Madsen who, by the way, with her husband Chris Madsen, are nominees for the STC Board of Directors.

The party began long before the tennis players returned from their matches. It actually began when dozens of STC members gladly volunteered to help Debbie and Cindy prepare for the annual event. In fact, there are too many volunteers to name even though each one well deserves headline acclaim. But every STC member knows who they are even though they do not get the credit they deserve. They, like all STC members, know that our volunteers are the heart and pulse of our club. They are the ones who make the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club the premier venue for lots of fun and a healthy life style in the Tucson desert.

That said, a few names just stand out this time and have to be mentioned. The festive patio was set up and decorated by Laura Engold, Rufus Renfrow, Kent Naugle, Liam Flynn, Chad Stettler, Sandy Stettler and the Madsens. Dessert was served by Linda and Mike Oberski, Walter Fritz and Marje Valenti. Most importantly a lot of members volunteered to provide all the makings and condiments that were served so efficiently by Geri Sandilands, Cheryl Simpson, Mo Schween, Janet Fabio and Joyce Wantuck.

A funny thing happened. The usually dependable grill at the Tennis Center patio failed to cooperate at the last moment. Gary Greenbaum and I actually divided a couple hundred hamburger patties and hotdogs then took them to our respective homes to cook on our personal BBQ grills. We were pretty popular for what many thought was a near impossible feat and the goodies were served at the party as if nothing had happened. Of course, our neighborhoods were smoked to perfection as the hundreds of burgers and hotdogs gave up their delicious aromas.

It is no surprise that STC is dedicated to the health and enjoyment of all SaddleBrooke residents. STC is the venue for fun in the outdoors. To join us, just call Membership Chair Connie Kacer (825-7585) or the STC office (825-0255). It’s that easy. We would love to have you.