SaddleBrooke Squares Held Howling Good Halloween Dance

Richard Martin

We had a special Halloween square dance scheduled for Oct. 31, but none of our regular dancers showed up. Instead, we had ninja warriors, Elvis, beatniks, hippies, flappers from the 20s, Dick Clark dancers from the 50s, James Dean, vampires, pirates, Thing One and Thing Two, Spider-Woman, and even a very scary Dave Scotsman showed up.

Stanley the skeleton’s eyes lit up as he saw these strange creatures enter the MountainView Ballroom through a maze of hanging black and orange crepe paper, spider webs, and other creepy creatures.

Participants then proceeded to our special photo booth, where they had their pictures taken with bats, ghosts, and ghouls. Rumor has it that many of these pictures got emailed to grandchildren as living proof that you’re never too old to celebrate Halloween.

The ghost of Alex Trebek also joined us to host a special edition of Halloween Jeopardy. Benith MacPherson represented the women and Tom Carr the men. There were some tough questions, such as what do you call two witches who live together? (Answer: Broomates) Whenever Benith got the right answer, she brought out her squawking chicken to crow about getting still another right answer. Unfortunately for the men, the final embarrassing score was women 17 right, men 1 right. Tom was glad he was in costume, as he was convinced no one recognized him.

The best part of the evening was our longtime club members dancing with our 27 new students throughout the evening. Square dancing in SaddleBrooke is well and growing!

If you would like to get off your TV recliner once or twice a week and engage in fun physical and mental exercise, check out square dancing in SaddleBrooke. Our next free introduction to square dancing night is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2022, at 7 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom. (However, leave your costumes at home until next October.)