SaddleBrooke Singers Rehearse Holiday Show

Cheri Emahiser

Singing on Sunday afternoons is such fun! We Singers enjoy the rehearsals and learning the many pieces of sometimes unfamiliar music selected for our Christmas concert titled “Where in the World Is Santa Claus?” Our director Tanya Elias is skilled at keeping us Singers focused and expertly assists us through difficult music passages. She has unbounded patience and a great sense of humor, which, along with her smile, makes our rehearsals enjoyable. Sly Slipetsky, a Tucson jazz great, adds his creative piano support during our rehearsals. His masterful playing will help us sound our best for our concerts on Sunday, Dec. 3, at 3: p.m. and Monday, Dec. 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the DesertView Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $25. Be sure to purchase your tickets at

Make Attending Our Concert a Holiday Tradition

You will not regret commemorating the holiday season by attending the SaddleBrooke Singers performance. You will hear traditional carols, newly composed works, solos, and a tune featuring only the tenors and bases. You won’t want to miss a beautiful carol titled “Japanese Snow Song,” sung in Japanese by our sopranos and altos. Our concert will feature not only the voices of the Singers, but our incredible pianist, a percussionist, and likely a bass player making beautiful music together.

Rehearse and then Practice Some More

During our rehearsals, over time, we find ourselves hitting notes we thought at our first rehearsal might not be possible. Then we begin conquering difficult rhythms and complicated lyrics that, at first, seemed beyond our capabilities. By the time our performance dates roll around, we have mastered those songs, and many of us wonder, what else can I accomplish? Singing continues to show us that the possibilities for expanding our world and capabilities are endless.

We Need Your Support

Expand your world. Plan to attend a SaddleBrooke Singers performance and find the music touching you as it does us, in a very deep way. Singing before an audience is important to us, and viewing a theater with all the seats filled impacts us as singers. We put in many hours of rehearsal as a choir and more hours in our homes practicing our music. We want to share that music with you, our friends and neighbors. We want to see every seat filled and more than a few familiar eyes upon us when the curtain opens. Your support is needed. Every ticket sold allows us to keep singing. If you don’t find it possible to attend one of our two performances, please consider becoming a sponsor of the SaddleBrooke Singers.

You may contact our president Claudia Kistler at 520-306-2113 or [email protected] with any questions you might have. You can find additional history and information about becoming a Singers sponsor on our website