SaddleBrooke Singers Rehearse 2022 Christmas Show

Rehearsals begin on Sept. 18 for the SaddleBrooke Singers Christmas program scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10. We’d like to introduce you to one of our singers.

At the concert, you can expect to see Stephanie Mattie smiling onstage. She has sung with SaddleBrooke Singers since Fall 2016, performed countless solos at our concerts, and served on the board as secretary. The Singers was the first club she joined shortly after moving here, and she found she truly loved it!

Love of Music

Her love of music began early in her life with dancing lessons, piano lessons, and performances in theater and music recitals. Her love of singing grew, and she found herself involved in school, church, and various community choirs in Lincoln, Ill.

She was drawn to powerful female voices, such as Judy Garland, Grace Slick, and Lady Gaga. Stephanie is also a Broadway musical fan. Sutton Foster is one of her favorite performers, and Sutton’s rendition of “Not for the Life of Me” from the show Thoroughly Modern Millie inspired Stephanie to sing the song in the 2018 SaddleBrooke Variety Show.

A Career in Languages

A teacher of French and Spanish in Geneseo, Ill., Stephanie’s students often asked if she was looking forward to trying new activities when she retired. She advised them she looked forward to having more time to enjoy the activities she already loved—singing, swimming, and reading.

An avid sports fan, Stephanie cheers on the University of Illinois, the Chicago Bears, and Chicago Cubs. She and her husband Jim also enjoy spending time with their kids and grandkids.

Experiencing Pride and Excitement

Stephanie has enjoyed singing under the Singers’ director, Tanya Elias. Stephanie loves the excitement she feels when assigned a solo or duet for musical events. The opportunity to perform and to be on stage is something she loves and takes pride in doing.

Stephanie also sings with other musical groups. She continues her passion for singing as a member of the Sonoran Singers and the Santa Catalina Catholic Church choir. She also delights in singing weekly with the informal SaddleBrooke Jam group.

Stephanie highly recommends that anyone who has a love of singing and enjoys being part of a wonderful group to consider joining the Singers family. She promises you the opportunity to meet great people and make good friends while also experiencing the sense of community present during rehearsals and concert performances.

For more information about the Singers, phone Claudia at 520-306-2113. Our website address is