SaddleBrooke Singers getting set for fall

The officers work during a summer planning session to get things in place for the upcoming season.

The officers work during a summer planning session to get things in place for the upcoming season.

Steph Mattie

As a former high school teacher, I fondly remember Augusts past and the waning days of summer. I remember the excitement of getting back into the autumn swing and reconnecting with colleagues and students who I didn’t see during the summer months. Each year gave me the chance to try out new things in the classroom and continue practices that had been successful in previous years.

When I retired three years ago, who knew that I’d find an activity that brings me the same “end of summer” anticipation! When I joined the SaddleBrooke Singers in September of 2016, I found an organization filled with musical enthusiasts much like myself. Now, three years later, I once again look forward to the end of summer’s “Welcome Back Singers” gathering that will bring the singers together.

To get the fall season off on the right foot, the board of directors, with invaluable guidance from our director, Tanya Elias, has been busy scheduling rehearsals, organizing sheet music and planning for the December show. We are excited to announce that the concert will be entitled “Holiday Portraits” and will include a fantastic array of seasonal music. Stay tuned for more song information in future articles.

Let me introduce you to the 2019 SaddleBrooke Singer officers: President Jay Hansen, Vice President Loretta Tom, Treasurer Jim Barrett, Secretary Steph Mattie and Music Coordinator Monica Gray. These members work together to keep the club business running smoothly. I am thankful to be included with this team of officers whose dedication is allowing the SaddleBrooke Singers to thrive!

That brings me to some exciting news for members of the SaddleBrooke community. Audiences have always been delighted by the slideshows that have accompanied our performances. We are so pleased that Nelson Rodriguez will once again add his photographical and visual expertise to the December show. So now’s your chance to shine!

If you are interested in joining the SaddleBrooke Singers, we would love to welcome you! Don’t forget that the new season of SaddleBrooke Singers is right around the corner. Our rehearsals will kick off on Sunday, Sept. 15. The SaddleBrooke Singers organization is comprised of SaddleBrooke residents and has been presenting programs to the community for more than 25 years. For more information about the SaddleBrooke Singers or to join, contact Jay Hansen at 520-271-8542.