SaddleBrooke Singers Begin Spring Concert Rehearsals

Sue Case (photo by Stephanie Caffall-Smith)

Cheri Emahiser

If your heart is telling you it’s time to sing, stop by our 2:30 p.m. rehearsal on a Sunday in January at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center, 64518 Galveston Lane. Sing a few tunes with us and learn more about the Singers.

Meet Sue Case, a SaddleBrooke Singers member since 2002. Sue says, “One of the reasons I have stayed in the SaddleBrooke Singers for so long is that I appreciate the discipline of learning music and making music together with other singers. I have told many people that I actually prefer rehearsals to performances. “It’s the geek in me, and it’s good for the brain.”

Sue sang with a women’s trio here and participated in many variety shows, including the former long-running “Christmas in the Brooke” shows. An 18-year student of Jazzercise and a tennis player for 20 years, Sue loves jazz and reading and (mostly) enjoys cooking.

Being lucky enough to attend schools with great music programs in Columbus, Ohio, Sue competed as a soloist in junior high and joined three high school groups that repeatedly won state competitions. A member of the Women’s Glee Club at Ohio State, she also performed in theater at OSU.

Career Plan Thwarted

After being in numerous other plays and radio programs in both high school and college, Sue planned to become a dramatics teacher. However, her stint at student teaching convinced her she would have been terrible! That’s when, thanks to her mom and dad, she decided to go to law school. “One of my best decisions.”

Moving to the Bay area after her Ohio State graduation, Sue spent much of her law career there. While in San Francisco, she became involved in a Marin County group production called The Rhubarb Review. One solo performance memory with the Rhubarbs stands out. Sue could tell that the audience was getting restless. “Luckily, I was wearing a long skirt with front buttons and a bodysuit underneath. So, I started slowly unbuttoning the buttons as I sang, and the audience went nuts! Whew! Dodged that bullet!”

After Sue’s husband Steve passed away in 2010, she found herself lucky to find love once again with her companion of 10 years, Rick Waldorf, also a widowed SaddleBrooke resident. Having no children of her own, Sue appreciates her wonderful relationship with Steve’s son Tim.Events

World Wine Tasting

Having enjoyed visiting various wine areas since her early days in the Bay Area, now she and Rick, with their love of travel, have enjoyed some private wine-tasting trips. They have sipped wine in Bordeaux, Chile, and Argentina and have explored many other parts of the world.

Don’t forget to join Sue and the Singers during any Sunday rehearsal in January. Your ability to read music or having previous choral experience would be helpful to you. No auditions are required. Please contact our president Claudia Kistler at 520-306-2113 with your questions, or find information on our website