SaddleBrooke Senior Softball News

Debbie Seguin can’t quite come up with a fly ball. (Photo by Dennis Purcell)

King Mitchell

Well, softball fans and friends, here it is Aug. 25, and SaddleBrooke Progress deadline time. That means 600 or so words from the golden fingertips of yours truly! The softballers have been “back at it” since July 10 in the summer season, which runs until Sept. 22. Whew! The highlight will be (was, by the time you read this) Monday, Sept. 4, and our Labor Day Tournament!

Meanwhile, you all won’t be reading these golden words till around mid-September, and the summer league ends Sept. 22. Get on down to the field to check out the action or surf us at for the latest standings and stats.

Photos! The loyal readers of this column (well … those with not much else to do) will have noted that, generally, there is just one photo (maybe two). That’s mainly because although the golden words flow from my fingers like the Niagara over the falls, I ain’t much of a photo bug. But I’m getting a call for more pix! So, I’m aneedin’ photos from you camera jockeys. That’s the call I’m getting from the readers who can’t or don’t want to read (or more likely just want to see a photo of themselves in the paper). So, send me some action photos, folks (softball action, that is). No pix of you and the grandkids or the dog, no matter how cute. Capiche? And I’ll get some into the paper (with photo credit, naturally).

Summer league action. Meanwhile, the summer softballers have seven weeks under their belts. In Monday Recreational, Dominick’s Italian has taken a solid 4-1 league lead over Hardin Brothers Automotive at 1-4 (one game mutually canceled cuz the field was “damp”). In Monday Community, a three-team league this summer, yours truly got traded from the league leader, FireTruck Brewing, then 4-1, now at 4-4, to cellar-dweller DS Builders, then 0-4, now at 3-5. Ray Szpakowski, CPA (no trades?) is now the league leader at 5-3. Lucky “the commish” is on FireTruck or I’d have to have a “few words.” Or maybe I did? Occasionally, these trades are made to “equal out” the “talent.” Sometimes they actually work. Sometimes, not!

Anyhoo, on Tuesdays in Community, KJK Insurance is at 4-2 after winning two in a row, and Healthy Skin Dermatology has dropped two and is at 2-4. Then in Competitive, Kristy McInnis – Coldwell Banker Realty finally lost a couple (and, consequently, probably escaping the “trade police”) and is at 4-2 with their partners in “softball misadventure,” Player’s Pub, crying in their beers at 2-4.

Wednesdays in Sidewinder, Jim Click Automotive Group has motored out to a 4-2 lead over Leah Kari Medicare Solutions at 2-4. In Community, Rancheros Market has forged a 5-1 record, while Pride Mechanical is on the other end at 1-5. Ouch! Your author has no “intel” on whether any trades occurred here, but what the hey! Oh well, bug/windshield, dog/hydrant, right?

In Thursday Coyote (geezer league), Red Earth Tile continues, unabated, to “hammer” Robson Communities and is now at 5-1 to Robson’s 1-5. Hard to have much fun when you are getting your derrieres handed to you every week. Where’s da trade police?

On Fridays in the Competitive league, Shifren Physical Therapy has jumped out to a 3-2 lead (before today’s game) over SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue’s 2-3. We could have a battle in this league, folks! And, finally, in Friday Community, Splendido is regularly thumping Shelves That Slide and has a 5-0 record to Shelves’ 0-5. Did the trade police make a visit!? I ain’t heard.

Well, that’s it for now, softball fans. Our Labor Day Tournament will be “in the books” by the time this edition hits the newsstands. Hasta la vista, baby!