SaddleBrooke Senior Softball News

Jack Graef (photo by King Mitchell)

King Mitchell, aka Mitch

Well, softball fans and friends, here it is May 25 and the SaddleBrooke Progress deadline is tomorrow. The big news? Well, number one is that our Memorial Day Tournament on May 29 will be in the books by the time you lucky readers get this edition. So, obviously, the results will have to wait until the next edition.

Not the Usual Suspects: Now, as you probably know, fans, the SaddleBrooke Softball League is open to all kinds of characters, whether they can pass a background check or not. And certainly one of the lead “characters” is Jack Graef. Jack will turn 90 years young in September, has been around since the Earth was just a molten rock hoping one day to make it to the bigs and be a planet in some star’s orbit, and is still cranking it out on the softball field with the Monday Rec League. Jack has no problem taking over the “hot corner” at third base, spearing grounders and liners alike (well, most of them. Okay, okay, some of them). And when he’s not “hooverin’” up everything that comes his way down the third base line, he’s cranking it out at the plate to the tune of a .461 average for Winter Season, including a four-bagger! Four times 65 feet (4 x 65), folks! Where’s the oxygen?! Jack, I’m told (by another old geez), is one of only two remaining softballers who started the SaddleBrooke team in Downtown Tucson softball leagues before we built our field in 2005.

Downtown Tournament: Since last edition, the “Brookies” put together a “downtown” tournament over the league break and, as the SaddleBrooke Rattlers, stormed down to Lincoln Park in Tucson and kicked some bootie, took no prisoners, hammered the opposition, and took home the Championship trophy (well, a hearty handshake anyway), going 3 ‘n’ 0 on Saturday and wrapping up the “chimper-championship” on Sunday with a 2 ‘n’ 0 follow-up.

Spring League Action: Well, we’re only three weeks into our eight-week Spring League, but the action is hot and heavy! Well, hot anyway (and maybe, in my case, heavy). In Monday Recreational, Window Wizards have forged a 2-1 lead over Wildfire Wing Co. at 1-2, who need to get heavy on the sauce to catch up. In Monday Community, Absolutely Art has jumped to an early 3 ‘n’ 1 lead over Ambient Air Heating & Cooling at 2 ‘n’ 2 and AARP at 1 ‘n’ 3.

On Tuesdays in Community, Andy’s Irrigation has a 2-1 lead over Ann Fraley-Long Realty at 1-2. Meanstwhile in Competitive, Desert Life Pharmacy has jumped out to a 3-0 lead over Coyote Golf Cars at 0-3.

On Wednesdays in Community, X-Pert Automotive also has a 3-0 record over Your CBD Store’s 0-3. In Sidewinder, Golf Cars of Arizona has jumped out to 2-1, with Hardin Brothers Automotive at 1-2.

Thursday Coyote has Bubb’s Grub at 3-0, while Brittni Guttman-Allstate Insurance is getting all “mayhemmed” at 0-3, including today’s (May 25) game, which went to extra innings after blowing a 12-run lead (sorry, fans, I just tell it like it is). Ouch!

On Fridays (just two weeks of reporting) in Competitive, Catalina Family Dental is up 2-0 versus Canine & Company’s 0-2 (Grrrr!). Then in Community, Barron Electric has a 2-0 lead over Arizona Indoor Air and Big Bear Garage Doors, both at 1-2.

Anyway … when it comes to softball … it ain’t over till it’s over. Come on down to the field on a Monday for one of the Rec games and check out Jack and his cohorts in “softball mayhem” (or any other day, Monday through Friday). The softballers will be there.