SaddleBrooke Rotary: Ring the Bell!

Tim Morsani, Barbara Barr and A. T. Barr

The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke has a new president – Mr. Neil Deppe. The annual leadership transfer included a celebration which recognized the significant accomplishments of the past year. Thanks to the guidance of past president Joe Guyton and his very able right arm, Wendy Guyton, the club soared to new heights of service to our community.

If there is one statement that defines SaddleBrooke Rotary Club’s newest president, it’s “Let’s go out and git ‘er done!” Neil Deppe ends each board meeting with this charge! Neil came to Oro Valley in 1986 from Ottumwa, Iowa. He and his wife Judy have one son, Matthew Deppe of Tucson. Neil has had the good fortune to be a member of several Rotary clubs during his 39-year membership in the Rotary International. The new president explained that he felt very fortunate to be acquainted with so many different Rotarians in the area as a result of membership in several clubs. Neil has also served in a number of Rotary board positions prior to becoming president of the SaddleBrooke Club.

It takes a village, and President Deppe has dedicated sidekicks to help the club become all it can be. SaddleBrooke Rotary Club’s board members, or faithful sidekicks, include Doug May (President Elect, Membership), Joe Guyton (Past President, Treasurer), Joe Dylewski (Secretary), Jim Lamb (Rotary International Foundation Chair), John Ruland (SaddleBrooke Rotary Foundation Chair), George Corrigan (Youth Services Committee Chair), Chris Millar (Community Services Committee Chair), Mark Miller (International Services Committee Chair) and Fred Lowry (Rotary Club Service Committee Chair).

This is a banner year for SaddleBrooke Rotary Club, as we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. The organization was chartered in 1997. A number of charter members are still among the club’s membership.

SaddleBrooke is packed with energetic volunteers, and many came together in Rotary to assist schools in Oracle, San Manuel, Mammoth, Catalina and Nogales. The club provides youth leadership training, funds college scholarships and supports the Ronald McDonald House. If giving back to your community is something you enjoy and if you’d like a team of like-minded professionals to work with, Rotary may be for you. SaddleBrooke Rotary meets on Thursdays in the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse at 11:30 a.m. For more information or to join us for a Thursday lunch, call Neil Deppe at 520-297-4858.

“Let’s go out and git ‘er done!”