SaddleBrooke Republican Club’s Town Hall with Martha McSally

Hazel Staloff

SaddleBrooke Republican Club (SBRC) members participated in a variety of virtual events that facilitated their continued status as informed voters. Individual town hall meetings were held on June 8 and 16 with the two Republican candidates for Senator, challenger Daniel McCarthy and incumbent Martha McSally, who had a 26-year career in the Air Force, flying 325 combat hours, and receiving a Bronze star before entering politics.

McSally explained her change from the original meeting host, Zoom, due to their association with the Chinese Communist Party. She applauded President Trump for having taken China head on and recognizing them as America’s largest geopolitical threat. Until President Trump, American leaders were indifferent to Chinese efforts to replace the United States in the world order and were ineffectual while China rampantly stole American technology. McSally emphasized the danger of being beholden to China, exacerbated by failed policies of outsourcing jobs, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production to them. She attributed Democrat opposition to mining in America as resulting in minerals critical to America’s security being imported from China.

McSally commented on the unpredictable nature of what the country had recently undergone, e.g., impeachment, COVID-19, and social unrest, in view of the great economy we had been experiencing. As a senator, she prioritized getting resources to small business owners so they could remain afloat. She expressed confidence that President Trump’s policies of deregulation, lowering taxes, and lifting people out of poverty would enable the country to regain what it had lost in the global pandemic.

She expressed that the left’s alternate vision of America exemplified by its embrace of such policies as abolishing ICE, having open borders, defunding the police, and offering free health care to illegals is out of touch with Arizonians and mainstream Americans. McSally contrasted the absence of leadership in much of the country that allowed violence, theft, assaults, and anarchy to flourish with Governor Ducey’s proactive measures, such as the early imposition of a curfew, that spared Arizona from the destruction so prevalent in other states.

In response to a questioner, McSally stressed that she would go on offense with respect to health care, ensuring that voters would be aware that their private health care was at stake if Democrats prevailed. Mark Kelly’s advertising might stress his “independence,” but his campaign has generated huge sums of money from out-of-state donors who are secure in the knowledge that he will thwart President Trump’s initiatives.

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